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Brian Smith (Originally from PA)
trying to someday be the answer to someone's prayer
trying to someday be the answer to someone's prayer

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sorry if this has been discussed, I cannot find anything. Lately when someone (I believe) calls me on my Verizon number, I am receiving the phone notification and also a Google Voice notification. It isn't a huge issue but it sometimes causes the phone's call to go to voice mail (dong, dong, dong) and I miss the first part of the convo. Anyone have any suggestions what setting may have changed??

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you need to speak American! #racist  

We are moving to Northern California (from PA) in July. Connected socially with Representatives and realizing they seem worse than my current set of conservative Reps. Anyone else live in that area and know how bad it is for a self proclaimed Progressive in the Sacramento and surrounding counties?

"Starting July 6th, saving emails into Evernote will become a paid feature."
Starting July 7, I will be using another notebook program.

Probably not, and realizing this is a knee -jerk reaction but this year I began using this feature extensively for my taxes. I am not a 'power user' and very upset at being forced into paying for just this one feature.
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