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"Hopefully some superior technologies are not automated self-elimination-mechanisms (for people).

But if life is just an empty mechanism anyway (as we are often counter-experientially told and interpolate), and there is neither experience, nor consciousness nor freeness, what would be the difference anyway?"
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+Wayne Radinsky as long they are not only smart, but also have some good sense of humour.
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Will AIs (with higher cognitive functions) have a natural sense of justice?
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+Denis Wallez  some good points there.
Though at least in some animals there seems to be a rudimentary understanding of fair treatment in the connection of social play and intercourse (as an example dogs:
or monkeys:
some even include crows: ).

Also the concept of an enlightened ruler might be read as proof that humans are perfectly just, but OTOH it is also can serve as a sign that there is some strive and 'demand' for justice in the first place, as otherwise you wouldn't need the concept. I see democracy rather as a further evolution, after the function of guarantors for rightful conditions had been introduced and practiced (however many degenerate forms did and do exist).

This brings me to the last point, the gloomy distopian vision of AIs keeping humans as pets, material resources, Waste, or vermin. I didn't think of that, but sure it would be some bad karmic rebound on how humans treated many of their fellow beings...
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Is full #AI part of life?
(Say, humans develop at some point full AI (even to the point of artificial consciousness and reflectivity!?), or, it emerges in the technological field build up by humans; is there a continuity between biological life, and the form of existence that has then evolved and emerged?)
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AI , I would imagine remains artificial and cannot continue without technology . It leads , this question, to  the conundrum of  what is the basis of life if we do not exist.
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Is a person a #machine?
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Kraftwerk says: yes >>>
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Multidimensional #poverty
MOST measures of poverty just focus on income. About 1 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day. But a new report from Oxford University looks at poverty levels...
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But you, Perses,
listen to #right
and do not foster violence;
for violence
is bad for a poor man.

Even the prosperous
cannot easily bear its burden,
but is weighed down under it
when he has fallen into delusion.

The better path is to go by
on the other side
towards justice;

for #Justice beats Outrage
when she comes at length
to the end of the race.

But only
when he has suffered
does the fool learn this.

For #Oath keeps pace
with wrong judgements.

There is a noise
when Justice is being
dragged in the way
where those
who devour bribes
and give sentence
with crooked judgements,
take her.

And she,
wrapped in mist,
follows to the city
and haunts of the people,
and bringing mischief to men,

even to such
as have driven her forth
in that they did not
deal straightly with her.

Hesiod, Works and days
(ll. 212-224)
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Øistein Thorsen: Antibiotic use in farming is common but with serious effects on human health, it is time to replace, reduce and refine useage of the drug
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In the future, will there still be a #public sphere, or just computation; just a data management system, so to speak?
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I think you're partly answering the question of what people will do with their time when they are no longer (or more lightly) employed...
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Once Upon a Mind

von & mit:
KimchiBrot Connection (Constantin Hochkeppel & Elisabeth Hofmann)
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According to some theories of communication,
for instance the habermasian,
open dialogue reduces the probability of violent conflict,
and empowers the participating persons.

Though, in the real world,
we often have opposing parties,
who directly and/or instantly target anyone
who uses certain keywords
Or tries to ramificate
The rules which regulate the use
Of certain keywords
And practices,

and insofar
Reduce the probability
Of open dialogue,
or dialogue at all.
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Is reality analog or digital? Or both? Or something else?

// I am not sure, if there is an appropiate antonym to the concepts of 'digital' and 'analog'? Qualitative?
Can our concept fully map reality, or, are they just a (however dynamic) part of them?
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In my experience, reality is analog.  I have varying levels of consciousness.  I have varying levels of input from all of my senses. 

If reality were digital, I'd expect a lot more 'on' or 'off' behavior.
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Our #economy is designed to run into perfect efficiency; but in a perfectly rationalized, efficient world, there is no reason to do anything in the first place: there is no meaning. All that is left are perfect algorithms running down without purpose.
This is not a minor mistake, it's a major flaw.
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