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Bringing Order to Chaos
Bringing Order to Chaos


Is the range down? I registered my IP by SMS but don't seem to have any connectivity to the targets.

It was fun to see @strandjs keynote at @BSidesCleveland I’m really looking forward to @WWHackinFest

Time saving tools from @TrustedSec and great training by @Spoonman1091 at @BSidesCleveland training #respect #gratitude

Great presentation by Amit Sethi ( of @cigital given at #CLE #OWASP @SecureState today concisely outlines methods and benefits of #THREATMODELING

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So the boss wants a fancy wireless mouse? Watch @marcnewlin#defcon 24 #MouseJack - clear and thought provoking talk

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Using @cree_py I found geotags for @realDonaldTrump posts, but not @hillaryclinton. Who is more tech savvy? #OSINT

The Next Level Podcast is out ”creative people using engineering skills to solve problems and knowing when just enough is enough." w/@leandog&@NextITStaffing

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Are security appliances making you more secure or less? Checkout @kevvyg Responder for Purple Teams @BSidesCleveland

VMs run slooow but no significant IO? Check out concise taxonomy of VM bottlenecks w/@ecbanks @ChrisWahl @Drew_CM

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Have courage ’w/ the right team miracles are now possible.
@ioshints SHOW 59: BUILD YOUR OWN ... GEAR w/ @mino98
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