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Yep, now I'm interested.  Timely updates and native to stock Android.  Soon as I see it in the PA repos I'm taking the plunge!

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I'd totally rock this. .
Okay +Project Glass. Based on your response to me and therein denying development of Glass for zombies I have decided to help. With my very own undead R&D department I have begun prototyping my own version of Google Glass for zombies. After some short testing I think I have met the unique challenges that come with the walking dead and the rest of the reanimated corpses I deal with on a daily basis. It is still in the early stages but I am quite satisfied with how it has turned out. I would love to share with you my research gathered thus far.
I give you:

Project Zombie Glass

#GZG  (Google Zombie Glass) or #ProjectZglass  

Whether you are human/undead/creature/ghoul/etc, please share this post. The world needs to know how serious an impact this could be. Lives could be saved.

Risky business...

Just had meatloaf out of a convenience store warmer cabinet.

The stupid shit you do when you skip breakfast and your metabolism kicks in.

Tasted good though, so if it kills me it was worth it. 

Lol, anyone else rockin the S3 suddenly decide (shortly after getting their invite) that the screen was too small?

Wasn't that long ago I was having qualms about buying it because I thought it was too big and, in an otterbox case, too bulky... 

Just caught myself eyeing accessories for the Note II on Amazon and considering how to mount one on my handlebars... 

Amazing how far Ingress tweaks your perceptions, isn't it?

Got a little weirdness in my town this morning. It's become my custom to check all my keys and make sure nothing needs to be recharged as I leave the house. It also reminds me of the portals I don't yet have a key to.

The first thing I noticed is that two of my control fields were gone... Scrolling through the log I found a message stating that a link on one of my portals (that I don't yet have a key to) had decayed.

Sure enough, when I got there I found that every link (4 total) that I had on that portal were gone. The portal showed no sign of having been attacked and the resonators were all fully charged. I more or less expected that, since it's a pain to attack and we'd just walked out to it last night and tried to farm a key and recharge it's resonators.

Is that normal behavior for portals to lose links? Not complaining, it's free ap and a chance to make a better cf, but I was curious. 

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Just in case anyone missed this the first time I put it up. 

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So I read here:

that once I'm in the game and playing, I might be able to earn another invite.  I really want my wife to be able to join me.  She’s very excited about this game, and I’m very excited that she seems to like it as much as I do and wants to play it with me.  So I figured I’d share the story of my (short, but lengthening) experience with Ingress.

 New Agent’s first days of Ingress.

I must say, so far it has been a thrilling experience.  I’ve been racking my brain for the past couple weeks, trying to think up artistic things to grease the wheels a bit so I can start my adventure a little sooner.  A couple days ago, I hit the jackpot!  I received a PM with an Ingress invitation code!  I never thought I’d be so excited about getting into a game.

I was a bit stunned when I first got it.  It probably took about 10 seconds to realize what I was seeing.  Once reality set in, I jumped out of my chair and took off for my bedroom where my phone was charging; my noisy and abrupt action startling our Pomeranian into a yapping fit, and prompting my wife to yell “Did you really get it?!” from the next room.  

“Yes!!” I howled triumphantly; causing our annoying little fluff ball to yap all the louder.

In my excitement, I must have mistyped the code three to four times.  Just as my heart was starting to sink, I finally got it right, and my adventure began.  On 4% battery…  

Desperate to dive in as soon as possible; and realizing that no aspect of this would be a “sit in your living room and thumb the controller” experience, I bolted from the house barefoot to begin the tutorial.  In February, in south west Washington State.  

I didn’t realize until I came back into the house with a dead battery, a completed tutorial, a new faction of friends, numb feet and a running nose that it was 31 degrees (farenheit) outside…  And that’s just how exciting my first twenty minutes of Ingress was.

The next morning, I logged into and started to really familiarize myself with this new aspect of my world.  Much to my wife’s unmitigated pleasure, I shared freely everything I learned.  I shared so much in fact, that she snagged my phone and jumped on her little electric scooter and went out to hack some of the local portals I’d found.  She came back briefly, found out that there were two other portals within easy reach and vanished again.  

Later that night, after sitting around chatting about it for a while, I decided to take my turn at the helm.  It was fun right from the start.  The local portals are in a part of town I don’t normally frequent; it was very late, very dark and very mysterious.  

I roamed about for a couple hours, hunting portals owned by my newfound nemeses.  They were all level four or better, there are (as far as I can tell) no other Enlightened in town, so there was really no hope of capturing them; but that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm or disrupt my focus.  

In fact I was so intently focused on creeping around in the dark, hunting portals that I managed to get myself thoroughly lost.  Considering I’ve lived in this town for 4 years now, and it’s not a big town, I was a bit surprised when that realization dawned.

After spending a couple seconds deliberating, I decided to ignore my wife’s warning and head for a portal I’d seen earlier.  It had the lowest energy level and the lowest resonators in the area; however it was also in the very dark, overgrown, jungle’esque park in the middle of the city.  

My wife, a local who’d lived in this town for 34 years, had warned me that it was a great place to get mugged and I shouldn’t go there at night.  

Fully engaged in the adventure at this point, I put on my very best Neo/Bourne/Bond persona and departed the safety of the street lamps with a ninjalike stealth that would have made Batman proud.  Creeping into the center of the park, I found my portal.  Nose glued to the screen, I didn’t even bother to think about the portal’s “normal world” appearance, or for that matter, anything that might be going on around me.  While I was hacking the portal, a noise from the darkness out in front of me got my attention.  It sounded heavy, it sounded big; it sounded like I probably wouldn’t want to meet whatever made it outside of a video game.

Suddenly aware that I’d probably done something remarkably stupid, heart racing, I hit the home button and toggled the LED flashlight app in my phone.  

Eight feet off the ground was a dirty bronze face, lean and haggard and wearing spectacles that were in fashion about a hundred years ago.  

Suddenly I was wishing I’d gone to the restroom before leaving the safety of my warm home and loving family.  With mounting terror I started backpedaling until I bumped up against a low ornamental wall.  

Somewhat to my relief, it occurred to me that the tall eerie figure had not pursued me, but stayed where he was, stock still and eyeing me contemplatively.  Tentatively I inched forward, terror ebbing, reason returning, until I was close enough so that the wash of the small LED on my phone illuminated the whole figure.  

With a half choked, dry chuckle I realized that the nightmare figure that had nearly caused me to wet myself was a bust of some prominent figure on a very tall pedestal.  Opening my scanner, I actually stopped and read the name of the portal:

“Robert Long Bust”…

The town founder, apparently…  Really need to start paying attention to portal names…

Devoutly grateful I’d snuck into the park this late and no one could have seen me and my childish display of terror at the inanimate object, I started to relax.  

I even managed a more normal-sounding laugh; until I remembered that something had made noise on the other side of the portal.  I decided promptly that I should probably be getting home now, and made my way back to the safety of the street lamps at a pace just shy of unseemly haste.

I’ve gone back to visit Mr. Long a couple times since then, during the day, when there are people around…  I lob a couple XMPs at him to pare down the strength of his resonators a bit.  Someday I’ll capture him, but for now I’m happy with making his acquaintance and not being eaten or mugged by whatever was hiding behind him that Saturday night.

I'd really love it, if this somehow helps me get my best friend +Anna-Christie Ireland in and playing with me.  We've been married four years, and love spending time together.  This would just make that time even more fun  :) and possibly lead to R.A. Long's capture a little sooner.

Best Regards,

Paul Ireland

+Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brian Rose  #ingress   #ingressinvite   #ingressenlightened

Reposting this, showed up a thread in XDA and I have to say, I heartily agree...

If anything, I think it should be illegal to sell SIMlocked phones... Not give the service providers a legal device to prosecute people who make a living off unlocking them.

And that's basically all it does. It doesn't protect the SPs any more than the 2 year contract you signed when you got the phone. Just one more law that's going to put asses in courtroom chairs and help limit or eliminate competition.

Took me less time to sign than it did to make this post.
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