Thinking about Darth Data and Identity 2.0, given the debate late nite in SF USA at the Web2.0 Summit ( . Several great thought leaders brought the privacy and security issues to its bare bones.
As Thomas Andrews Drake revealed his story about NSA and ThinThread ( Where Orvellian society is already upon us. Will Identiy 2.0 prescribed in a thought provoking talk 2006 (Identity 2.0 Keynote) ever pane out, or will we as individuals just drop-dead and go with the flow as Sean Parker heavily engaged in Facebook thinks? To build trust in any relationship one need a feeling of belonging and caring. Do Facebook and the like really care? Or are we just selling out our digital trails ( ? Since I am not a security expert I would like to invite to a conversation about this hot-topic. I will follow the tweets coming out from the event and blogpost. The cues for real Identity2.0 anno 2011!
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