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Writer, Cross-Trainer, Gamer, Firewall Guy
Writer, Cross-Trainer, Gamer, Firewall Guy

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Back in the Saddle Wow, it’s kind of been a while since I really did the whole blogging thing, hasn’t it? It’s kind of been a stressful year. A lot of work stress is gone now, happily. I was on a major project that wrapped up a few weeks ago, giving me…

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Psssssst - out now! Attempted Immortality, the fourth in the five-book Withrow Chronicles!

Just in time for #ConCarolinas!

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Cover Reveal: ATTEMPTED IMMORTALITY (Withrow Chronicles #4)

After soliciting feedback from followers of a couple of social media accounts, I’ve picked from the various covers I created for ATTEMPTED IMMORTALITY, the fourth novel in The Withrow Chronicles. Here it is!

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I'm just going to tuck this away here for future reference when, eventually, I work on a novel about The Book People.


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WIP: Voistvanost - Atypical Vignette Fiction in a Fantasy World

This summer I’m working on fiction pieces large and small for a tabletop RPG setting. The piece below is one of the vignettes I’ve written to give a glimpse into one of the setting’s environments. By way of explanation, this is a setting for Pathfinder, a…


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I am incredibly honored to be included in issue 3 of I Don’t Do Boxes, a zine of queer stories from the South, produced by QueerLab and Elsewhere Museum. The theme of this issue was “Act Out.” The essay below is entirely true and autobiographical. The…

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Worthwhile road trips start with pimiento cheese and jalapeños on a chicken biscuit. #ConCarolinas #theDietCokeofirony

Last night I attended a party, one genuine highlight of which was when a literary agent gave me his card and asked me to send him some of my work. That part was awesome!

On the other end of the party spectrum, a different person walked into the kitchen and asked after vessels for drinking by saying, "Where are all the tumblers coming from?" I, of course, parsed it as, "Where are all the Tumblrs coming from," and said aloud, "Teenagers, mostly?" The guy on the tumbler quest glared at me with fury that then faded into the glassy stare of the dead because I am winning. At. Parties.


Future story notes from an otherwise unremarkable night at the gay bar:

In my head, the 50-something man in the matching burgundy blouse and slacks, complete with creme ascot and silver cigarette case and a half-dozen colleagues in carefully chosen attire, is both an underwear mogul and the head of a mafia family. "The gay mafia" is a joke most of the time but this guy is in charge of the real deal: an actual gay mafia, benevolent to those who win his favor and ruthless to those who oppose him. There's a handsome young thing absorbing his time, staying in front of him and repeatedly making a big deal out of the brand of underwear he, the young looker, is wearing - when he isn lighting the boss' cigarettes. Over and over, one of the queens clustered around them makes them pose for a photo while the eye candy blushes and tugs the waistband of his briefs into view. The looker has a plan: get in as the boss' squeeze and vault into management, something straight molls aren't allowed. The rest of the highlights-and-tank-tops crowd are just hanging around hoping a little gold dust blows their way but the looker is ambitious.

Additional note: there's a family of dried-apple rednecks wandering in a haze. They look like People of Walmart wandered into Priscilla Queen of the Desert. One of them is differentiated only by the way he lights up the gaydar in a blinding strobe. I can't figure out if they're mortified or enjoying themselves because their faces are motionless and mouths open but slack. The queen who brought them is having a blast. I expect to find one of the relations face-first against a wall, bumping into it, utterly unaware.

(Writers are such fun at parties.)

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Someone suggested I start posting excerpts from what I’m writing at the moment, so I’m throwing this out there. Does it sound to you like a good idea that I post what I just wrote – literally the last few paragraphs of the draft I’m currently drafting –…
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