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F8 Facebook!

Mark Zuckerberg goes for real time customer profiling and the world rejoices? How mad has TC ( gone?

With this move by Facebook, more than by anything else, it should become clear that Facebook (or Google, btw) cannot be the place we store all our data. But it will not become clear. Why should people wake up suddenly after millennia of following strange heroes (Germany being a major source …).

This information Facebook aims to gather for their users is great. The way user profiles will be presented on Facebook is the right approach.

It is just not for Facebook to have that data.

assange. kettle. black. rofl.

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a glimpse of reality

is there a rating agency for rating agencies? ...

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I have my reservations about Google, but this speaks for them. Chapeau!

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And here is another one: when i scroll down in my Stream, and not being in full screen makes the effect even worse, I am looking at 30% of my screen carrying a lot of text that is embedded in white left and right

now i know what's missing in G+: the ability to expand / reduce the level of detail. Robert Scoble owns my Stream by mass of output - and there is no click to reduce his musings to one liners ...
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