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The hilarious Kumail Nanjiani jokes about Islam, heroin and monster movies.
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Great job last night Kumail
Plus a shout-out from Conan for the podcast and Nerdist
Great job man. I laughed at the stuff I had heard before. Thinking I should buy tickets to The Indoor kids Live podcast now.
Very funny. Also, The Indoor Kids is one of my favorite podcasts. You, Emily, and Pete Holmes have gotten me through many a cubicle filled day.
Hey, +Kumail Nanjiani I have 8K followers and I'm hooked up with 150 people that have 10K - 40K followers (meaning, they follow me). You don't have to be on the Suggested Users List to benefit from Google+, in fact the SUL is somewhat misleading. There is a community of smart, interesting and sometimes even funny people on Google+ and with a little effort you could connect with those people.

In the search box, type "Engager Circle" or "Interactive Circle" and when you see the results hit the "Best of" button and follow a few of those circles. Then watch your stream and join the party. Hopefully I'll see you around. I'll definitely follow you if you do this, I'm connected to enough of those circles that I'll see you around.
So, I just watched all of these videos and realized that I have, in my youth, stolen some of your comedy shows for personal enjoyment prior to my understanding that I was stealing. I feel like I owe you money, so, how can I pay you back for your work? I'm an avid listener to your podcast with your wife, Emily (The Indoor Kids). Let me know so I can pay you for your work!
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