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Meyers Automotive
18 South Hanover Street, Pottstown, PA 19464
My parents have been using Burke's service since they moved to this area over a decade ago. I have to admit, I never understood the need to seek out a personal mechanic in the days of chain-auto-places. But I have to say, Burke has made a true believer of me this Christmas.

It all started when a hot temperature gauge came on in my car, on the 21st of December. As if out of habit, I called up my the nearest chain location and asked to be rushed in for service. They took the car and spent a few hours diagnosing it. They charged me 40 dollars for the diagnostic and told me it was a serious engine issue which they said they could do for $2,000-$5,000 dollars. I called the dealer, and they said they would need me to tow the car there ($150 just to touch it plus the $30 towing cost) and then they would still charge me full price for the repair because the car was out of warranty. My dad gave me a third option: he suggested I take it to Burke, he was close by, and he had helped them in the past.

After dropping off the car with Burke, I was checking my banking sites at home and figuring out how I could manage to pay the cost of a serious engine repair. I came to the realization that I almost certainly would have to take loans from my parents or siblings. I couldn't bear the thought that I would be accepting gifts at Christmas while delivering none myself, and instead, asking for loans from others.

My phone rang, and it was Burke. He had determined the issue was not the engine, had an extremely detailed, but well understood technical explanation as to why it was not a serious issue. He told me he had fixed the issue, and I could pick up the car.

My parents were so fond of the good news, my mom packed Burke a Christmas present of treats. On the way to Burkes, my dad and I were trying to determine what he would charge (I was still budgeting at least $200-$300 just to be safe) When we arrived, Burke was sitting in the front of his office area. He was extremely friendly, and he eventually ended our conversation with “feel free to take your car” My immediate response was “whats the damage?” Burke said, to my absolute astonishment, “nothing.” Although the repairs were only minor, he had certainly taken up time doing them. I demanded to pay him something, but he refused any offer I made. I promised to Burke that I would pay him back by becoming a regular customer. Now I know why my parents have been going to him for 10+ years.

Burke, you have given me the best Christmas present this year: you have saved me $5,000 and you have shown me kindness beyond what I could have ever expected. Please have a wonderful and safe holiday! I will now be able to see my family this Christmas and afford to give them gifts!!
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