Many of you may already know that July 9th is my last day at Google. After nearly 7 years, Google decided to shut down its Atlanta engineering efforts. I start my next job on July 16th (but was asked not to say who I'll be working for until then).

For the techie people: my last year at Google, many of us in Atlanta worked on a project that was ultimately cancelled, concurrent with the office shutdown. However, on this 4th of July, I'm happy to say that one of the things I'll be celebrating is that we were able to liberate portions of our last year of work as a new open source project. 

It's called "Collide" (collaborative IDE), and is a web-based collaborative code editor. What we pushed out is extremely stripped down right now, but the most interesting tech stuff around collaborative editing is all there. Long term, we hope it will serve as a catalyst for improving the state of web-based IDEs.
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