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The Midwest's Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy Event.
The Midwest's Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy Event.

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Archon, in its 41st year, is announcing several dates that will allow its fans and the public at large to participate in the coming year's planning process to:

•Share ideas about what they would like to see happen at Archon;
•an opportunity to meet those that run it;
•jump on board with us to help run the event

In order to accommodate those with traveling and scheduling restrictions, we will be having these public meetings at two different locations to better cover the St. Louis region.

3/20/17 7pm Oak Bend Branch – St. Louis County Library
5/1/17 7pm Oak Bend Branch – St. Louis County Library
6/6/17 7pm Thornhill Branch – St. Louis County Library

Future public meetings may be scheduled and announced, if necessary. We look forward to seeing you there! For those that might not be able to attend, please consider emailing us with
your ideas or interests in volunteering at

Be sure to share this informational flyer:

Team Archon

Dear Fellow Archonian, R.I.P.

Columbus book dealer Larry Smith (b.1946) died on January 20. Smith co-chaired the Columbus in 1976 Worldcon bid as well as chairing Marcons III-XII. He served as a vice-chair for Chicon IV in 1982. He also co-charied OVFF in 1998 and World Fantasy Con in 2010. In the early 1990s, he purchased Dick Spelman’s book business and, along with his wife, Sally Kobee, has sold books and most conventions in the Midwest and East Coast. He has managed the dealer’s room at numerous Worldcons and other conventions.




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Come join us, this Friday, December 2nd, at the St. Louis Science Center. This month's theme is Dr. Who.

Learn more at:

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ARCHON40 Hall Costume Contest
The hall costume contest will be taking place tonight in the Doubletree Hotel. Put on your best outfit and be sure to stop by the photo area in the hotel lobby to be entered into the contest. The Booth will open and line will begin forming at 9:00 pm. Participation is FREE!

Friday is on a roll at Archon! We have several programming changes and our Friday newsletter now is out.


Did you preregister? Did you know you can come to the Gateway Center after 6:00 p.m. on Thursday the 29th of September, and get your badge, program book and schedule?

There are no official events scheduled, but you can meet up with friends, maybe catch dinner at one of the area restaurants, and plan your weekend.

Then on Friday, you can skip the registration lines and get right into your Archon groove! 

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The subject for this year's Tin Filker Songwriting Contest is:

The stars? The mind? The multiverse? Do they even exist? Brainstorm! Think outside the box! Have fun! Then bring your completed song to the Dead Puppy Filk on Sunday.

Learn more at:

Archon 40 Gaming Schedule Information is now available.

Learn more at:

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Come join us, this Friday, September 2nd, at the St. Louis Science Center to celebrate the 50th birthday of Star Trek.
If you haven't already done so, Archon40 memberships will be available for purchase.
Learn more at:

Archon wishes to congratulate Archon 40 Guest of Honor Ellen Datlow on her Hugo win for Best Editor, Short Form.
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