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Back in August, we ran a news item about a mohel in Ukraine who performed his 4,500th circumcision. According…
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6 weekly chapter video clips on Jewish humor.
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In a first-of-its-kind partnership, the Orthodox Union is working with some prominent Modern Orthodox Jews in Houston to promote America’s fourth-largest city as a more affordable, pleasant and viable...
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The Pacific island nation of Samoa skipped the last day of 2011, a Friday, to keep up with their chief trade partners Australia and New Zealand which begs the question for Jews - when does Shabbat start?
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At an Atlanta-area congregation, cars in the synagogue parking lot have been broken into and stolen, eggs have been thrown at people walking out of the synagogue and bagels have been left on the lawns of and tied to the trees of members.
Members of an Atlanta-area synagogue have been facing harassment.
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Why do things cost so much more in Israel?
Why do those H&M cargo pants cost 33 percent more in Israel than in America? Because importers have figured out that the Israeli consumer is willing to pay more, say experts.
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Last week the Iranian naval chief threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz if Western sanctions intensified. The threat to close the strait -- the passageway for oil from the Persian Gulf states -- could presage a war, experts said.
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The population of Boulder stands at approximately 100,000 -- with 13,000 Jews. In addition to these staples, the city boasts an innovative Jewish sector reflecting the ethos of the wider Boulder community.
At the foot of the Rocky Mountains, Jews of many organizational and denominational stripes are working together to forge a vibrant and innovative community.
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Think another gentile should have made the list? Let us know your nomination in the comments, or tweet us your suggestion on Twitter @JTAnews using the hashtag #Gentilesoftheyear
In the spirit of the holiday season, JTA launches its annual ode to the non-Jews who helped write the…
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