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After I started releasing images from the Liechtenauer book in the past several weeks, I've had at least a dozen people contact me and throw down $100 for a print copy (and still more buying an ebook). The book is exactly what I described in the initial campaign pitch, and to me is the bare minimum that a book of this sort could be expected to offer, so I can't help wondering what kind of crap people were expecting.

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Dance battle between swing and hip hop, to the opposite music. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

Facebook is broked for the second time in a week. Imagine the horrible error someone had to have made to take down the sheer amount of infrastructure and failsafes they must have in place to prevent this exact thing?

Erk, Chrome seems to have decided that the rowspan attribute is entirely optional and I can't figure out why. X(

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Clear, concise, and properly contextualized. This one needs to be passed around as widely as possible.

████ ██ █ ████ everything ███ █████ is █████ ████ ████ fine ████ ███ █ ██████ love █████ ██████ ███ your █████ ████ government.

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