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I notice that whenever I visit the Android Market Google Play, I am advised whether the app I'm looking at is compatible with my Android devices (which is a great feature - I have two: my current phone and a Transformer).

However it also lists a phone which I no longer have. Not a big deal, but I'm a pedantic bugger and like things to be correct! :)

Can anyone advise how to edit this list of devices?
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I'm after the same thing. I stopped using my first Android just before Christmas, but I have yet to figure out how to de-list it.
I hope these 'extra' devices aren't being double-counted to inflate (deliberately or otherwise) the activation statistics....
+John Carter Interesting point. I went through a couple ROMs on my Magic. Is that 3 or 4 activations?
I wonder if +Vic Gundotra could shed some light on these questions (or get someone else from Google-world to put an answer here)?
Yeah top-right of the Play Store is a cog, "My orders and devices", then under the "Devices" tab. I've got a lot coz I've gone through a few phones and tried almost a dozen tablets for my old work ;)
Cheers +Josiah Spackman - so you can only hide, rather than remove the device. Better than nothing I guess. Might be interesting to know why that's the case though - unless there is a history being stored somewhere of app installation and or purchase against each device....
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