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Other gems from the past ;-)
GTG early mockups (2008)
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The first +GTG flyer we have ever made, used during FOSDEM 2009. Enjoy.

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GTG is currently rethinking its design. We have great people proposing really great ideas. Check them out!
Check out the latest GTG's UI redesign progress!

We also have a new Manifesto at

Get involved :)

Yay, I got accepted as a Google Summer of Code mentor for GNOME!

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GTG is looking for a webmaster/communication manager and a Web/JS/CSS/Django hacker to make our web interface.

Communication manager:
Your duty:
- Maintain the website - make a cool theme for our blog
- Write on the blog regularly to explain to the world what we are doing
- Posting cool screenshot of new features
- Keeping in touch with developers to know what is currently happening in GTG
- Advertize GTG on other websites after releases

Your salary:
- contributing to a +GNOME project.
- Have a restaurant paid by our Flattr account when we meet (FOSDEM,GUADEC)
- A free account (Web/XMPP/Blog)

Web hacker:
Your duty:
- develop the web interface for GTG, using Django/JS/CSS in cooperation with the existing team (which will work on the backend).

Your salary:
- Same as above.

Please get in touch with +Lionel Dricot or +Izidor Matušov.

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Heya all,

I managed to get my good-ol' "" Rhythmbox plugin to work again!

Basically, it fetches the list of recent songs listened by a user, and creates a playlist with your songs. Personally, I use it to automagically create playlists for my portable media player (it creates list of songs I liked the most recently!).

I've published the code to GitHub: At present, it really is just a raw commit of my local hack. I plan to improve it later. Therefore, be warned: here be dragons! It might not work out of the box for you... (it won't, probably) Also, many feature are not supported (target size, duplicate filtering, etc.)

Now, this has been quite a hard work figuring out how to deal with the Gobject-introspection API! But the hardest bits should be behind now, hopefully.
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