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You are absolutely not alone.
You are absolutely not alone.


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Physical Therapy 101: The Surprising Benefits It Can Bring You #healthcare #homecare

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Why Should You Hire A Home Health Aide

Whether you’re considering employing a home health aide for yourself or on behalf of your loved one, it isn’t always an easy decision to make. If you are still unsure whether or not this is the right decision for you and your family, Halla Home Health Care has compiled this short list of advantages that you can gain when hiring a home health aide (HHA).

Assistance with daily living activities. Whether it’s due to a disability, an injury, or the frailty of old age, when daily living activities become challenging for you to accomplish, it may be time for you to consider a home health aide. HHAs are trained to provide a broad range of services from personal care, to light housekeeping and more.

Companionship and social interaction at home. Living home alone can be lonely and sometimes, it’s nice to have another person near you to have a meal with or talk to. Our HHAs aren’t just there to assist you, but they can also talk and bond with you throughout their stay.

Peace of mind. Having an HHA with you at home provides you with the peace of mind that someone is right there to assist you in case of any emergencies.

Learn more about services that a home health aide can provide you at home by calling 571-446-9798.

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Share your experiences with Halla Home Health Care now! Let us know what you thought about our services and staff members. If you have any thoughts about how we can improve our services, we are open to any suggestion from you. Please leave your comments below. #healthcare #homecare

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Rehab Motivation: Quote of the Day #QOTD #healthcare

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Occupational Therapy: 3 Key Benefits It Can Provide For Aging Seniors

Are you or a loved one currently struggling with the frailty of old age, or has recently suffered from an injury or an illness? At Halla Home Health Care, we understand that old age and certain health conditions may hinder your daily living. However, with occupational therapy, we can help you regain your self-care skills and we can help you live more productive and independent lives.

With the help of our qualified Occupational Therapists, you can enjoy the following benefits from OT:

Fall prevention. For aging seniors, falling is a common cause of injury. With the help of our Occupational Therapists, we can help seniors identify and avoid falling risks and hazards. Furthermore, OT also provides seniors with balancing techniques and muscle building exercises which can be beneficial in avoiding falling accidents.

Patient education. An Occupational Therapist provides seniors with useful tips and strategies to help them conserve energy, avoid falls and accidents, and to help them stay independent in their day-to-day life.

Health improvement. Occupational Therapists actively promote optimal wellness. They are determined to help patients increase their quality of life. They provide health guidelines, coping strategies, energy conversation tips, safety instructions, and more.

Learn more about our occupational therapy service by calling 571-446-9798.

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Exciting Career Opportunities For You
We offer exciting career prospects in the home health care industry for all interested applicants. We are offering reasonable salary packages and exciting opportunities for career growth and development. Send your applications now! Visit us at to start your application process. #jobopportunities

Do you want to learn some interesting facts about aging? Check out our video now! Simply click: #informationalvideo

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Importance of monitoring your major vital signs
As we grow old, we become more prone to diseases and sickness. In the case of our seniors, a simple fever may result in complications that can be detrimental to their health. That is why seniors are encouraged to monitor their vital signs more often than younger people. So, what are these vital signs and why are we at risk if these vital signs are poorly monitored?
An elevated body temperature may result to different abnormalities in a person’s body. The normal body temperature is 98.6°F (37°C); however, older people may have a lower body temperature. If an elder experiences fever, their immune system can be easily targeted by a disease or a virus. Thus, it is very important that seniors must regularly keep track of their temperature.  
Heart rate
Heart rate is one of the four major vital signs that must be measured frequently. An irregular heartbeat may result to heart problems which can cause stroke or immediate death to a person. Also, it is important to remember that older people must avoid consuming caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, energy drink, and sodas since caffeine can rapidly increase a person’s heartbeat.  
Blood pressure
High blood pressure is the most common problem that most seniors experience today. According to studies, low blood pressure (less than 90/60) can lead to dizziness or blackout. On the other hand, a high blood pressure can cause stroke or heart attack. Therefore, older people who are highly at risk of these health problems are encouraged to eat a healthy diet to prevent health complications.
At Halla Home Health Care, our skilled nurses can visit you at home to conduct a health assessment. 

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At Halla Home Health Care, we make sure that you receive the utmost satisfaction after you avail of our services. With our care professionals, we can provide a healthy and safe environment for you. You can visit or call 571-446-9798 to know more about the services we offer. #healthcare

Regularly monitor your vital signs to prevent medical problems. For more information, visit our website at #medical
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