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Wanna spend less on car repair?
Join our FREE rewards program & get $20 off a future visit!
Call or stop by for details, ITS FREE!
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April Spring inspection special
Full vehicle inspection including, steering, suspension, brakes, alignment inspection, inspect all fluid levels, lights, wipers, test battery, tire rotation with free balance test. $24.95 for most cars. Call today, 715-865-2581
#tire #carrepair #alignment
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We'll help you take care of your car so you can enjoy the ride, & avoid problems.
Limited time special: Oil change & tire rotation ONLY $29.95! (for most cars)
Call today 715-865-2581
#oilchange, #carrepair, #brakerepair

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That's about as bad as it gets before it comes apart
This truck came in from Hayward. Owner stated that it made noise & didn't drive very well. Not surpising since his wheel was about to come off. After replacing the wheel bearing, tie rod & doing a wheel alignment it drove great & no noise! These things can wear out quickly & become dangerous, thats why we inspect them everytime we do an oil change.

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I think that's this weekend.
If you don't want to join their club, check our website for tire specials! #TIRES #CARREPAIR #MECHANIC

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Looking for "back to school" specials? We can help keep your kid's vehicles safe & dependable at a great price.
Get an "oil change", "tire rotation" with brake inspection, steering & suspension inspection, & a multi-point inspection for only $29.95 plus tax (for most vehicles)
#backtoschool   #oilchange   #tire  
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Thats pretty cool, thanks for sharing
Today, more people search on mobile than on computers. #TestYourSite to make sure your customers have a good experience wherever and whenever they visit your #smallbiz website:
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Don't be suprised to hear a new voice on the phone when you call us.
There's a new face here at Midway. Roni has joined the team! She's
very happy to be able to help us provide our clients with excellent service. She has years of experience in assisting clients by listening as they explain what their goals are so she can offer them the solution that meets those goals.
Welcome aboard Roni!
(Mention this post when you talk to her & she'll give you a $5 coupon!)
#oilchange   #coupon   #carrepair  

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We had a 2004 "KIA" towed in from "Hayward". It died on the road, would almost start, but not quite. Mark, our tech ran an "engine diagnostic" test on it and found cam & crank sensor signals out of sync with each other. He also confirmed that they were out of sync with the pistons top dead center (TDC) reference. On inspection found the cams were way of sync. after getting the ok from the owner he dissassembled the front of the engine & found worn out, broken gear parts that connect to the crankshaft. After replacing the worn out parts, including the timing belt, it started and ran great!
#diagnosis   #carrepair   #hayward  
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