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Creamy Tomato Rice & Garlic 'Butter' Roasted Chickpeas
First of all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!! :) tomorrowisChristmas!!! Here's a nice quote for you all: "Christmas is not so much as opening presents, as opening our hearts!" So, the story behind this dish... I actually wanted to make this with pasta noodles ...

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AMAZING Strawberry & Oreo Ice Cream Bowl
Turns out that strawberry and oreo pairs really well! WHO can say no to breakfast when you can eat a biiiiiggggg bowl of pretty pink strawberry ice cream topped with oreo chunks and drizzles of chocolate sauce??? Definitely not me! :p I've always loved oreo...

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ROASTED Sweet Miso Chickpeas & Spiced Broccoli
Let me present to you..... My new FAVOURITE way to cook CHICKPEAS!!! Sweet & salty miso flavour, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, oh boy it's just so good! And the broccoli... Let's just say that roasted broccoli >>>>> steamed/stir fried broccoli. ...

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Matcha Chia Pudding & Strawberry Ice Cream PARFAIT
YAAASSS!!! Finally made a parfait again! What I love the most about them is that you can get all the different textures by layering all the different components in one jar! My favourite way to layer goes like this: pudding -> ice cream/smoothie -> granola/s...

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PINK Pitaya & Berry Oatmeal
I've been making quite a lot things with Pitaya (aka. Dragon Fruit) these days! I just LOVE the pink color that it gives haha! I think food tastes 1000X better when it's nice & colourful! Kinda brightens up my day after a tiring/long school day... Hope ever...

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CREAMY Mango BLISS Breakfast Bowl
Yepp, that's right, this bowl right here is just absolute BLISS.  And look at how colourful it is!!  This is one of the most delicious, creamy, and oh-my-god-yum   smoothie/ice cream/breakfast bowls that I've ever made! (and I make at least one everyday...)...

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Peppermint Chocolate in pancake form! Dessert for breakfast? It's Vegan, Healthy, High Carb Low Fat Friendly, Gluten Free (for those that can't eat gluten, this ones for you!), and of course, DELICIOUS.

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Curry Rice with Teriyaki Roasted Tempeh + Purple Chips + Kimchi Stir Fry
Here comes another RAINBOW dish!!! Super amaziiiiinggggg Teriyaki Roasted Tempeh, Purple Chips, and Kimchi Stir Fry  served on a bed of delicious and fragrant curry spiced rice (which was SUPER DUPER EASY to make, I promise! *you'll see later below hahaha) ...

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ULTIMATE Mango Oatmeal
It's mango season in here so I've been eating a lot  of mangos! (which makes me really happy <3) Well, mangos are available all year long here, however, they taste BEST (more sweet & juicy ) on certain months. So, definitely taking advantage of that! :p I m...

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EASY Vegan Indonesian Peanut Sauce
Indonesian peanut sauce is probably my favourite part of all Indonesian cuisine! Traditionally used in various dishes, from dipping satay- to salad dressing. It's incredibly versatile! My favourite way to use it is to drizzle (more like pour lol) it on top ...
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