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Even our own website needs a makeover once in a while. Please give us a + if you like the new look. #webdesign

Lawyer Web Design
We just got a new client who is an attorney in Miami.  He currently has no website at all because he keeps firing the web designers.  None of them seem to understand what he wants or how to make it look professional.  We are the Miami web design company he wants to keep.  We will launch this site soon and we think you'll love the new look.

When you go to a restaurant do you help with the cooking?  Unless you are a chef and work at that restaurant I'm sure the answer is "No way!" and that is how it should be.  Why do we keep finding so many Miami web design companies that ask the clients what they want on their website?  Clients come to us after throwing away money with other companies and they tell us, "If I knew they would want me to do all the work I would have done it myself".

We have a writer who will need only the most basic info about your business and then see will write all the text for the site.  We have a designer who will give it a professional appearance.  Our programmer will be sure to make all the functions work.  When it is hosted with us we guarantee that it will always work and if anything goes wrong we will fix it at no charge to you.
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Lawyer Web Design

Many of our clients are lawyers; not sure why?  We have never specifically targeted Miami lawyers as a group.  We also have jewelers, roofers, dentists and just about every type of business you can think of. 

Do you need your website updated so that it works well on mobile devices?  We can help!  #lawyerwebsites #webdesignmiami  

Custom Programming Miami

We have two decades of experience in Custom web design.  We are also very familiar with Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and .Net.
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WordPress Web Design Miami

With WordPress we can make some affordable websites fast.  The good thing is that we spend less time on design because we are able to purchase a template.

When the simple Content Management System and basic design isn't enough then it is good to know that we are custom designers and programmers.  There is nothing we can't do.
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Dental Web Design Miami - Web Design For Miami Dentists

We just made this new website live for a dentist in North Miami Beach near Aventura Florida.  For the past few years we made updates to the old site and finally realized it was time to make the switch to a new, modern looking website.  The new layout is a responsive web design which means that it will realign itself to fit tablets, smart phones and computers.  #webdesignmiami #dentalwebsite  

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Ecommerce Web Design Miami

There are so many different examples of online stores.  Having an experienced web developer will make the project move ahead faster and at a lower cost.  As a result of our experience we are often able to suggest features our clients never considered.  We don't just make online shopping work, we make it work better.  #ecommercewebsitedesign #ecommercewebsitedesigner #webdesignmiami

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Web Design Miami

Some of our first clients back in 1995 (like the one shown below) are still with us today.  Experience matters!  #webdesignmiami

Miami Website Designers

Some of our first web design clients in Miami are still clients of ours today.  Fast turnaround times, reliable work and fair prices have kept us in business since 1995.  #miami #website #designers  
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