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I am in more of an exploring mood lately, so came across this gorgeous interactive model of the Solar System. Thought you all might like it. :)

View it here: #space #science #education #fun #interactive

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See our Home: the Earth Planet from the +International Space Station

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Fleeting Moments, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
#howtophotograph , #photographyworkflow , #theexperienceproject

This was one of the best light shows I have seen at Columbia River Gorge in a long time. The entire scene covered in the Reddish/Orange light and with a bonus rainbow included!!

How was this photograph created?
Normally, I would use a circular polarizer to take a shot like this...but we had just moments to photograph the scene before the light disappeared. In cases like this sometimes you just have to forget about the technical details, equipment...and just SHOOT. Here is what would have happened if I had taken my time with technical details:

Enjoy & Share.

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