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I played this! It was a good time.

~~~~ONE YEAR AGO~~~~~

ME: I'm a very physical LARPer. I really enjoy using my body as a tool of expression.

+Hans Messersmith: Oh, I'm right there with you. I played Old Friends once and I got choked with a cable -- it was great!

ME: (Wow, that's a little extreme!)


ME: (puts +David Leaman in a headlock and tackles him at his own playtest)

DAVID: (quietly) Please let me go.

ME: Shut up.

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I just don't want to die in this Arby's. #PsiRun

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I'd missed seeing Geoffrey's writing. It's quite good.

Hello, G+.

Tell me about LARPs that use physicality in interesting ways. By "physicality" I mean "encourages players to use their bodies to embody a role" or "uses physicial cues/rules/etc. in interesting ways."

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what even is Toronto

The committee’s chair, Councillor Cesar Palacio, added a successful motion for city staff to consider the feasibility of a bylaw to ban “the feeding of pigeons in public spaces in Toronto.”

Mammoliti warned, however, that his previous efforts to push for a pigeon park feeding ban have been ruled out of order.

De Baeremaeker chimed in: “The pigeon lobby is vicious.”

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!!! I just finished Night in the Woods and it is amazing.

I recognized so many people from my childhood. The kinds of people that no one ever talks about. It portrays a world that is either sentimentalized as saccharine "real America" bullshit or is demonized as Jesus freaks/stupid hicks/inbred cannibal serial killers/etc.

+Bret Gillan, +Jeremy Kostiew, -- I think you guys in particular would really like it?

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My waypoint piece is up. On the Rite of Tranquiity, anti-psychotics, and templars in scrubs.
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