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aww...can you spell adorable? :-)
When It Snows...

Japanese creativity shines despite the heaviest snow that Tokyo has seen in 45 years.

Snoopy Sculpture by Twitter user @sumikko_mofu

More Images here:

#snow #snowsculpture #japan #snowman
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Woke up with a sore shoulder..guess even in my sleep I won't move if it means disturbing the cat!

Happy #caturday

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Jajaja, Sunshine knows how to take advantage of a smooth mother And bed...
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States with the Lowest Unemployment:
North Dakota
South Dakota

but, but other than Hawaii, who the heck would want to move to subfreezing winter temps locations?!
January 15, 2014
- See more at:
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So I get an email from Gregg Steinhafel, Target;s CEO.

I do not know who wrote that email for Gregg Steinhafel, but the result is a resounding FAIL.

Apology comes a bit late; the data breach happened end November, and just now, month and a half later, we get the email.  Without a word as to where they screwed up and how they'll prevent future incidents:  
"Because we value you as a guest and your trust is important to us, Target is offering one year of free credit monitoring to all Target guests who shopped in U.S. stores, through Experian’s® ProtectMyID® product which includes identity theft insurance where available. To receive your unique activation code for this service, please go to and register before April 23, 2014." 
Trust, like the one we had in Target?  What kind of IT operation does Target have that the number of affected customers is still unknown, all we know is that grows by the week:  first it was 40M, then  70M, and as of January 10th, we’re up to 110M.  Sir, if you had a data breach, please know that ALL of it is compromised!  

So who is going to REGISTER to get this freebie?  Registering implies providing personal information to Target, again!  Based on the recent events, I am going to pass. 

He had the audacity of giving advice on protecting personal information?  Perhaps they should practice it first!!  Nothing irks me more than a company pretending to care, and not even getting it right.

#target   #targetbreach   #gregsteinhafel  
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+Daniel Baker Giving up on you--you're clueless.
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No clouds. There will be THUNDER.
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lol! now that's a silly, earnest, happy face! :-)
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wow...that can only mean what Snowden has yet to reveal is far more explosive than what has been exposed.

 What do you think?

#snowden   #nsa   #nsascandal  
The Director of National Intelligence James Clapper asked Edward Snowden and "his accomplices" to return the documents he "stole" from the NSA.
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Clapper is just needs to go. He should retire and write a book, maybe How to Con Friends and Infuriate People. Every thing he says or does is subject to scrutiny after he lied to congress.
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Great article.  I had been wondering why was Google acquiring a thermostat company, here is the answer:
  _ Rather than thermostats, Nest’s key technologies were described by Mr. Fadell in an interview last November as “communications, algorithms, sensors and user experience, running over a network to the cloud.” _

I hope the Intelligent Home is around before I checkout of this rock!
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Long battle, check the reaction to Google Glass: bunch of idiots whining about privacy when there's an effin camera on every street corner they walk by--why they don't object to that?

Greed and envy...the color of money.
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#Google Wallet is the WORST mistake I've ever made (this

If you are a Google lover, as I used to be  (guess I still care a little) beware of  #googlewallet practices.  No matter how cool or upright a company is, when it enters the financial area, it becomes greedy and corrupt, like all effin banks!

If you want your money to be stuck in limbo for 6+ days then go ahead and use the funding option from checking account in  #googlewallet .  I transferred $100 on January 6th, and although my bank debited my account on January 9th, Google Wallet won't still release the funds.  See pics below.
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Found Let Her Go by Passenger with Shazam, have a listen:
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Have her in circles
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Data / Business Analyst
“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin
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With Viber, everyone in the world can connect. Freely. More than 200 million Viber users text, call, and send photo and video messages world

Staff is friendly and professional, location is very convenient. Company practices however, make them look like loan sharks instead of a regular business. If you are late with your monthly rental fee, things get out of control real fast. . I've been renting a 10x20 unit since May 2012. I pay $112 a month. I had to move from my condo with no notice and racked some unexpected expense in October. I ended up paying $301.00 on Nov/13 for the Oct/Nov rental. Oh and they cut my unit's lock off which cost me $15 to replace. This is outrageous greed at its best! A customer for over one and a half years obviously means nothing to them. Just for the principle of it, I will gladly incur the extra expense to move out of there right after the holidays!
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free Wi-Fi. WTG Kinko's
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