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Doru Constantin
Soft matter physicist (mostly)
Soft matter physicist (mostly)

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Ionic Liquids: evidence of the viscosity scale-dependence
Our paper just appeared in Scientific Reports !

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Liberalism vs. Conservatism
I have always found the liberal/conservative distinction difficult to draw, largely due to the several meanings of each term (e.g. the concept of "liberal" in political science and its casual use in the United States, on the one hand, and in Europe on the o...

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From Plato to NATO - review
I have spent some time reading through David Gress' From Plato to Nato . I was not very impressed by the book, but the exercise helped me reflect on the definition of liberalism and on the difference with respect to conservatism, so I took the opportunity t...

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Nanostructuration of Ionic Liquids : impact on the cation mobility. A multi-scale study.
Our paper appeared in Nanoscale . Also, Happy New Year 2017!

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Business as usual at the White House
After the generalized commotion surrounding the US elections died down, the feeling of surprise lingered in the press, combined with predictions of imminent disaster. Against this alarmist tendency, I'm putting forward three obvious points: Although Trump's...

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CNRS positions - the 2017 campaign
The detail of the 2017 campaign for permanent research positions at the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) has been published in the Journal Officiel (see links below) and the submission site is open. The submission deadline is
January 6th...

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Internship proposals
I have two internship openings at the M2 level for 2017. Contact me for more information. Optical and structural properties of polymer - nanoparticles composites Supervisors: Emmanuel Beaudoin and Doru Constantin Viral nanocages assembled around gold nanopa...

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The Ewald sphere
The Ewald sphere is a widely used concept, but one that is quite difficult to grasp in the beginning (at least it was for me, as well as for some of my colleagues.) It can be seen as a way of converting vectors between the "real" space, in which the experim...

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Solution Self-Assembly of Plasmonic Janus Nanoparticles
Our paper appeared in Soft Matter.   Congratulations to Nicolò Castro for his first paper as first author!

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I will be working this week-end: proof .
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