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Beware the penguin.
Beware the penguin.

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Hey kids! Anyone happen to be bored this evening? I could use some help with some audio testing (via Skype), probably around 8pm Eastern or so?

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Hey #Podcaster  - Especially if you host with +Libsyn , you need to watch this event. We will be talking iHeartRadio, and we'll be talking questions we received during #PM2016 . We'll dig into why those older tutorials and advise of using File for Download Only is bad advise to follow, we'll talk YouTube, we'll talk any questions you bring to the table.

Join in the fun!
It's the episode after Podcast Movement, and +Krystal O'Connor & +Elsie Escobar are going to show you the new iHeartRadio destination, and discuss the most common questions we received at the booth during Podcast Movement, and give you the answers.

Have questions? Bring them along with your popcorn and your fun! See you there!

Howdy! Hey, anyone willing to do a Google HOA with me? I had to completely tear apart and rebuild my audio (don't ask, it's dumb lol) setup and I just want to make sure I have my mix right.

Lemmi know :-)

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+Krystal O'Connor  and +Elsie Escobar return to the original Libsyn Live format to bring you everything you need to know about Podcasts Connect, and walk you through the dashboard iTunes is now providing step by step...

...along with all the caveats you need to be aware of.

Join in, bring your questions and your popcorn, and let's have some fun.

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Howdy! I has a question. I have a lav, it's a really crappy lav that never works the way I want.

I'm going back to Great American Outdoor Show this year for my show, and I would like to put a lav on me so I can use my interview mic on the person I'm interviewing (the back and forth makes it to easy for me to cut off the person whose speaking).

What I need is a lav that's decent enough, preferably under $100, and traditional XLR. I want to plug it into my Tascam DR44-WL.

I do not want a lav that plugs into my phone, but if there is an 1/8 connector that will work with a 1/4 adapter, I can do that as well. I just need to be careful that it will actually work that way.

I found a Shure ( that looks quite nice, but the complaint is that it requires very high gain, and given this will be a conference with a lot of noise that concerns me.

Any ideas? :-) 

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if you wanna learn more about Libsyn or if you want to learn how to podcast in the most trouble-free way SIGN UP!


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Yesssssss +Jason Bryant

So I'm working on tonights episode of BTR. I've been using an app on my iPad called Soundboard to pull audio in from an iTunes playlist I've created strictly for news audio to play on the show and add commentary to.

Since I last did this, I've signed up for Apple Music which also includes the iCloud sync so your playlists and such are available on all your devices.

So when I take the MP3 that I've created myself and put it in my iTunes playlist, it syncs over, and Soundboard refuses to play it because Apple gives me a protected AAC.

Holy cow am I frustrated. :-( I can work around it, but really? If it's MY file, not yours, do not do that to it... please....

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