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advice request of the day: can anyone recommend a book (or a resource) on money management for couples -- but I want one that doesn't assume that we are 1) married, 2) joining all our accounts, nor 3) that we match gender stereotypes about spending.

Ok, needle in a haystack time -- hoping for help. About a year ago I read a wonderfully written blog post by a mom about why one shouldn't use the word "retarded." It is not the post on the herding cats blog that got so much attention, though it makes similar points. I feel it is a superior essay, because it explains the effect that hearing "retard" used as a negative can have on a kid with a developmental disorder, who lacks the cognitive ability to distinguish between the term used in abstract and the term used to apply to her. Did anyone else read this post or have any idea how to find it? I've used my google-foo to no avail.

Anyone out there using Qualtrics?

Anyone know off the top of your head how to stop gmail from popping out the compose window? The last thing I want when writing a message is the distraction of unread/incoming messages.

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please vote for us if you are also on facebook!
For all my google plus friends who didn't see this on FB, Nikka and I entered a contest for a trip to Universal Studios.  Please help us out by following this link and voting for us!  You'll have to like the page, then vote, then click go to app.  You can vote once a day for a total of four times. Thanks all :)

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This is a great talk.

Rereading the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'brian always makes me wish I could have seen those beautiful tall ships in action. Of course, it also reminds me how very, very lucky we are to be alive in the time of modern medicine.

I miss the pretty girl Ultron. Pretty girls destroying the world seems more reasonable and forward-thinking somehow.

Anyone have any best practices for creating instruction manuals?
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