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I cannot seem to make my QS tiles panel round like the notifications Am I doing something wrong? I'm on Renovate Ice 11.1 and Galaxy S8. This is driving me mad!

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Galaxy S7/S7E 4rth Beta is out. Changelog:

Themes are also back in this release even though it's not mentioned on the changelog. In my phone I have already downloaded and applied themes.

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Nova Launcher Prime Promotion

TeslaCoilSW, the makers of Nova Launcher, have teamed up with icon pack developer +Gaurav Seth (GSeth) to do a promotion that will consist of giving away free icon packs of some of GSeth's best and most popular work on the Google Play Store.

GSeth is a well known icon pack developer who happens to have been awarded a Top Developer badge in the Google Play Store.

Giveaway for New Users? (Purchase made on or after today’s date 12/18/2016)

We are giving away 300 promo codes to each of GSeth's Vibion, Ruggon, Drawon, Viby, Simplo and Vion Icon Packs for anyone who purchases Nova Launcher Prime ( ) from the Google Play Store during the current holiday sale happening 12/18/2016 - 1/1/2017

Each person will receive THREE promo codes. You will get a code for Ruggon, Vibion and Drawon or a code for Viby, Simplo and Vion. Each set of three will be given out randomly.

How Do I Claim My Free Icon Packs?

To claim your free promo codes we ask that you follow these simple steps below.

1) Send an email to

2) Subject line must be: Free Icon Pack Promo (anything different we may not see and you may not get your free icon pack)

3) You must attach the Google Play Store receipt that was emailed to you at time of the purchase of Nova Launcher Prime. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

4) Include the email address in which you used to purchase Nova Launcher Prime with. This will be verified.

We ask that once you email us (please only email us once and not multiple times) please allow up to 96 hours for us to respond to you. We need time to verify the purchase as well as get the promo code generated and sent out to you.

This promotion will start immediately and continue until all promo codes have been given away. Once we give them all away, we will update the original Google+ posts to let everyone know that the promo has ended.

Giveaway for Existing Users? (Purchase made before 12/18/2016)

We are giving away 200 promo codes to each of GSeth's Vibion, Ruggon, Drawon, Viby, Simplo and Vion Icon Packs for our existing Nova Prime Users.

Each lucky winner will receive THREE promo codes. You will get a code for Ruggon, Vibion and Drawon or a code for Viby, Simplo and Vion. Each set of three will be given out randomly.

How Do I participate in this promo if I am an existing Nova Prime user?

This promotion is running from 12/18/2016 - 12/25/2016 only. To participate you must already own Nova Launcher Prime and:

1) +1 This Post

2) Reshare this post

3) Comment on this post

In addition to the above winners, there will be ONE randomly chosen individual who will win a $200 Google Play Store gift card. The winner must be able to redeem Google Play Gift Card codes within their country or another winner will be randomly chosen.

Announcement Of Winners

The 200 Randomly selected winners who are eligible will be announced and tagged on this post on 12/27/2016. Instructions on how to claim the giveaway will be given at the time of announcement.

The random winner that is chosen for the $200 Google Play Gift Card will also be announced on 12/27/2016 at some point on that date.

Important Information

All promotions above are open to anyone who is able to redeem promo codes within the Google Play Store.

If there are any questions with regards to this promotion, we ask that you please either contact +Cliff Wade ( or +Gaurav Seth (

Relevant Links

Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher Prime:

Vibion Icon Pack:

Ruggon Icon Pack:

Drawon Icon Pack:

Viby Icon Pack:

Simplo Icon Pack:

Vion Icon Pack:

GSeth On Google Play:

I've had Nova Prime for a while now on my S7. When I was on MM the stock weather widget of S7 was supported fully. Now I have N Beta and the problem is that there is only a 5x2 widget option for the stock weather widget and nothing else. Is this something that can be fixed or I should wait for the official N update on S7?

I disabled both Google App and Location History on my phone and I saw a big improvement on my battery life. Especially when I am commuting or just moving around the city, I used to lose battery due to the constant location reporting. Anyone else experiences this?

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Impressive battery life with a mix of 1+ hours of gaming, a bit of maps and installing/trying apps. Galaxy S7

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Hamilton: Losing F1 title to Rosberg would be 'hard to swallow'

Question mark on weather update. I found out when and why it happens.

If you have no connection at the time the widget refreshes it will show this question mark. It will stay like that until the next refresh. Since there is no way to sync the widget manually or with the weather app, the question mark remains even if you open the weather app. If on the next refresh you have a connection it will show the weather.
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