We're looking to partner up with AdWords Consultants and agencies who can promote us by adding value to their clients, present and future who need AdWords and Social Media video campaigns to be set up and managed.

We create 30 and 60 second online video ads suitable for small business who need video ads but have a restricted budget.

We will offer a 20% rebate on all sales, and in addition you can add a premium to the price as long as you put in the order on behalf of the client.  We will only interact with you and you will manage your client.  That is, you put in the order and we will send you the finished video ad as per your requirement which you manage through www.tuberads.com and then once done you can send it to them removing our presence in the transaction.

Next time you watch YouTube and click ‘Skip Ad’, you have been engaged.  YouTube is the AdWords vehicle for online video advertising which in the same manner can be created via the Google AdWords Advertising portal to create text advertising you see on the side of your Google searches. 
Video advertising is the fastest growing way to advertise online.  As technology becomes faster and more accessible, so does the ability to utilize services and make purchases.  The world does become that much smaller.  This also opens up an increase in online services to attempt to meet the demand which is ever increasing.  Online Video Ads can become an expensive option to a business that is new to online advertising or wanting to exp[and on their current AdWords campaign which is in the text format.
TuberADS provides an entry level Video Ad for business who need the presence but don’t necessarily have the budget to get kick started in online video advertising.  In a few clicks you will have your order placed, and in 48 hours you will have your new Online video Ad to start your AdWords online video campaign, or simply use it tot promote yourself in Social Media.  Get started at www.tuberads.com

We look forward to a good partnership, and therefore any interest can come to contact@tuuberads.com and we can start the process.
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