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Valley of Love, Ireland

This ancient valley is one of the lost wonders of the earth. Valley of love is a mile wide and high. Many controversies revolves revolve around it. It is believed that the valley remained hidden from the eyes of world for many centuries and was built by a mysterious race that now lives in a remote area of Ireland. This valley is more than 3000 years older than the pyramids of Egypt. The only intact structure in this valley referred as ‘Memorial of joy’ is awe inspiring.  This fantastic stone structure has an equally flabbergasting interior which is fully functional to this day.
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You're kidding right? I'm Irish and if this exists it's the first I'm hearing about it. 
is it really there,i min if its there,almost everyone shld be knowing about this gorgeous thing! that real.
:)) It's so funny that people believe this is real!
Sexist!, (ready to be taken/raped)
Ire land, where, few years ago, condoms were illegal!
Seems Catholics (women) are masochists!
Real or fake,the picture's awesome. And Ireland's a beautiful place with all its ancient stories and places.
Not real, it's not in Wikipedia or referenced anywhere besides two sites which have the exact same article, but still a beautiful photo. 
Too bad it's fake =/ the simple fact that it states that it's 3k years older than the pyramids and it still maintains its shape would be enough proof, but if you want even more proof, do a quick search on Google, and you will find out it's an entry for a contest in Deviantart.
Folks, the photo is a work of fiction/art. It is not a real thing, it's a story. 
Mon Ch
hard to believe.
That's not at all strange...😁
if i should say beautiful it would be an understatement ..dis is magnificent!
This isn't real - but I wish it was.
Even if its not real its still beautiful 
The hill is real but not the ball+human shape thing
wow its amazing ya!!!!!
This is fantastic. I have dwelled in Ireland and have never seen nor heard of this amazing wonder.
Valley of Love is impressive, but Valley of Gullibility has a lot more people in it.
is this a joke? i can't find any other picture of this sculpture
I'm Irish, I live in Ireland, IT DOESN'T EXIST!!! 
I don't believe it. It looks fake to me.
Very real but not convincing enough 
What are you on guys (girls ?) Valley of utter baloney, more like !
belive it buddy its real
how did they build such a structure?
Absolutly amazing! Just a pitty its fake! Lol!
Thats so cool! I would love to visit that valley.
True words spoken by a true woman! I agree wilma nj
even tho its totes fake...
Beautiful!, great sculpture!, who is the artist?
I dnt think so its real.. What u say?????
ancient valley ?................
Don't know what to think of it. Some pagan religion I supose.
I looked closer and it seems photo shopped... I would love it if it were real. I'd love to go see this wonderful work of functioning art!
Wow...I cant beleive that's real. It's amazing.
Yeah, and this was unseen for the whole word untill now. In fact, this is the only picture taken. The structure seems to be stealth to the naked eye and only shows up every 2879,7.12 years in a random location.
This 3 guys were so lucky to capture it !
yea!!!! holy shit is it really real dudeee wow
I'm pretty sure this artwork belongs to someone else.
i wish to see it with my owne eyes one day hopefully soon!!!!!!
i wish it will be give change in our around
I feel like someone is pulling my leg.
great structure! hopefully I am one of a stranger who reach this place.
This is just a photomanipulation. The structure was just added in a photo of the valley!
This is bollocks - why are we seeing so much of this junk in What's Hot?
And credit the original DeviantArt user if you're posting his work :|
it looks like a girl on a balll.
it do look like a girl on a ball ????
this is nonsense..
Ummm, "Professor Fangfingers, the famous religious malarky exposer and adventurer" who "discovered" this "hidden" structure is a digital artist who does photo manipulation.  The original is posted here...

Don't believe everything you see online.  CG apps and artists can do the unbelievable to make images like this believable.  It's just a Poser model with procedural rock material surfacing.

+World Wonders , you might want to put disclaimers on this type of post. :)
I thought it was photoshopped, so I zoomed into it and you can even tell it IS photoshopped by the blockies around the 'structure.'
Never heard of this. Awesome. I had to Google this.
Robin H
Nice bit of satire,love it x
that is so cool i looks like if shes gona do a back flip
she's going to eat them like snacks, wait until they reach her
OMG! how many pathetic people are actually believing that crap?  it's not because someone posted that on internet that it's real... open your eyes...
a huge lady of stone? What's she going to wear?
What is that??never see that amazing thing
is that truely pure nature?? Wicked!!
Wow! Looks very cool actually. I see art.
I'm calling this photo manipulation art. Every photo I can find of this "statue" is the exact same one. and the airal photos of the area don't seem to show it.
I'm Irish, I've lived in Ireland all my life but I've never heard about this b 4...
Most mysterious thing in History.....
And now I have an addition to my bucket list! WOW.
Nice picture for Art's sake, but this is not real. I'm Irish and although there IS an impressive burial tomb older than the pyramids called Newgrange it is not in a "Valley of Love", there are no myths around it, and Ireland is too small to have anything remain hidden from view +World Wonders  nice artistic picture, but a not real thing or place
What am I looking at? That woman might want to lay off the caffeine for a while... 

But yes, haha, this is an amazing photo
built by a mysterious race? a mile in width? Sorry but this is definitely not real. If it was we would be using it to make a few euro from tourists! 
Iam adding this to my bucket list!!!!!!
Bullshit… This is the World of Photoshop…
How can it be hot on Google+ ?
It actually looks creepy. I'm not that adventurous to go there. 
What a bad photoshop job.
awesome if it really exists...
Gorgeous picture. Clearly not in any way real, but still very cool.
Sarah M
That is really cool and I'm not sure how they were able to create something so its kind of unbelievable
Seems more like photoshop; an interpretation of sorts.
Ly Lee
impressed me!
mariz b
wow.. like it
I'd Love to See this in person!
I do not think it is sexist think about women and how inner power we have. For me it looks like and expression of sensuality of beauty of strength. The artist ability to capture a women at her most primal yet radiating life as the true force within us all. Yes it is photoshopped but there is nothing sexual about the photo just life encircling the structure that represents a planet. The fact that she is unclothed is a metaphor for the raw power and being every women possess at her core. Truth and beauty lie in the eye of the beholder. She represents the possibility of being. For me anyway
Photoshopped photo but beautifully done.
Is this for real cuz if so then this is cool
Amazingly, the limbs haven't eroded away.
wtf scared me when i looked at it had a double take 

wasnt intending to put up new stuff this soon but i ran across   's contest and decided to give it a go. 

You can DL the full 1600 wallpaper size.

This is for your OWN personal use at home or work as a desktop. 
It is NOT to reposted WITHOUT permission or passed off somewhere as your own because you dont have a life and desperately think making people believe you make art wil give you one.
It is NOT to be offered on mass wall sites unless you ASK me first bitches.
If you attempt to screw me i WILL find you and i WILL embarrass you...
Why do you think my name is Fangfingers little ones?
what is wrong with you people, can you tell it is fake??  wow! 
If is real: super awsome i wanna go.....if is fake: it would be cool to have one in your contry
...this may be a fake pic, her hands are feet are way too detailed to be a real giant stone structure, also is the only picture of such structure no close ups, no side shots.
commenter s just because you cant think of anything witty doesn't mean you have to be negative .  but whatever you want to make your bed with...#clairity
Eh, we have not come across this in +Ireland ourselves…. Wrong country, try again!  
Well since its fake and everybody is in awe and with our technology today lets build this beautiful sight ;)
What an amazing discovery!!! I thought that was computerized first glance. 
Niko P
lmao no way this is real, if it is then it must have been recently made
It doesn't seem to be real, based on my internet searches, but its still a beautiful image. 
HOLY!!!! is uh tha real like wow!
Why do people post lies like this. What w waste of time
Stop saying its fake! No one cares if it is or not so STOPPP
i think its real in any possible way! its amazing!!!!
Truth Written in stone ... Left for the future to discover the power !
Gumi M
that looks mad cool what if that fell on them i would've been rolling of laughter!!!
Ha makes me laugh this valley of love in Ireland even goggles not heard of it
this kinda makes you think
Very interesthing... 
thats it!!! im marrying niall horan and moving to ireland!!!! (i love ireland!)
Julia N
interesting....that sure must have taken a long time to make!
i wonder how many people will travel to Ireland to see this. funny, they'll have to roam around the whole island before they realize it doesnt exist! lol. cool pic though
This is totally FAKE, why is it just being brought up now as a world wonder,  more like another HOAX!!!
It was "leaked" out by the Irish Ministry of Tourism upon realising that fewer tourists are now drawn to Ireland because of Guinness alone.
oh fake. but if this existed. you think people would not notice? but it would be awesome of it was real. 
its beautiful i wd lve to see it
If it's real, why is this the ONLY picture you ever see of this??? FAKE
The Valley of Love is real, that stone structure is not.
I've been all over Ireland and seen even the most remote places. I lived with several local families and not one person mentioned this. So fake 
Utter shite this is just another case of dumb fuck foreigners being willing to believe anything.

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