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Katie Lemieux
Family & Marriage Counselor in Coral Springs, FL
Family & Marriage Counselor in Coral Springs, FL

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Hey #StartupNation.... it is one of my favorite days...
#PodcastMonday - every Monday we release one of our podcasts.

This podcast like most of them was a delight and pleasure. We got to chat with Perry Rosenbloom​ the
owner and creator of Brighter Vision Web Solutions​.

We took a step away from the website discussion and delved right into Marketing Automation. If you are new to business
you might be thinking what the heck is that AND if you aren't you might be thinking... I need to know more about that!

Either way check out our chat with Perry who is a wealth of knowledge. If you want to expand and level up your business especially if you are thinking of an online company i.e seminars, online courses, ebooks, etc. this is a definite need to know and the way marketing is moving.

We covered:

1. What is a List & Marketing Automation & Why it is Important
2. Different Service Providers
3. How Do You Grow a List
4. Nurturing Email List Relationships to Grow

Enjoy! As always we have some goodies, so make sure you listen in.
Thanks for your support #StartupNation!

Kate Mitchell Campbell​b

Super excited that we are releasing this podcast!

Juan Ortega​ friend, colleague and coach is an Amazing Business Coach with ActionCOACH. I was able to work with Juan personally several times through quarterly Growth Clubs a place where business owners from ALL different types of businesses come together and layout their goals and actions for the upcoming quarter to create massive results in their businesses.

I am so grateful for the teachings of Action Coach and what I learned from both Michael Dill​ and Juan it has forever changed my understanding of business and how to help others grow their own businesses. Juan also recently completed his book, which if you listen to and check out the podcast he will tell you how to grab a copy. I can't wait to read it!!!!

You have to check out this podcast with Juan as he shares the "5 Steps to Massive Business Results".
1. Dream
2. Goals
3. Learn
4. Plan
5. Massive Action

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Have you ever "failed" and beaten yourself up about it?
Did you rise again, scoop up the lessons that you learned to re-emerge like a beautiful butterfly living into your most authentic self (cowbell rings)?

Well then you can totally relate to our amazing guest and friend, Yolanda Harper of Harper Therapy, Lutz, FL.​

Yolanda has a cool story of building her private practice not only once but twice. The second time she took #BreneBrown's (#loveBrene) teachings to recreate herself and private practice.

She now teaches others to build themselves and grow their businesses through "Audacious Authenticity & Contagious Courage".

Check out her 5 Steps
1. Get Clear About Core Values
2. Permission Slips
3. Identify Your Tribe
4. Step Into Your Arena
5. Recognize the Seats in Your Arena

Don't forget to listen to the podcast to know how to get Yolanda's Core Value Exercise to help you with taking on Step #1.

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I took the other side of the mic for a change. Thanks to Perry Rosenbloom of Brighter Vision for interviewing me on "The Therapist Experience" on "falling in love with business." I would love for you to check out my journey, share a comment or 2. Thanks for listening! 

#SocialMedia is here to stay folks and 1 of the MOST powerful ways to market if you know how to do it and do it well.

Marketing can make or break a business.

Lisa C Wozniak expert social media marketer to the therapists joined us to share here "3 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing".

Lisa was super fun to have on the podcast! Can't share with you our funny laughs behind the scenes but she sure made us laugh out loud as we were finishing our last of 4 podcasts on a Friday. Lisa is super helpful and one of our experts in The Private Practice Startup​ FB Group.

Lisa shares her 3 tips:

1. Why You Need to Do Social Media Marketing
2. Consistency
3. What Type of Content to Put on

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Wholly WOW... this podcast with Dr. Gena Bofshever was AMAZING! Gena Bofshever​ knows really how to deliver Stellar Customer Service which creates Stellar Success for her business. Gena's enthusiasm and energy is contagious. We had so much fun with her in office for this podcast.

We were amazed at the thought out experience that her whole team provides to create a successful business.

Listen to her podcast as she shares 3 Tips for Stellar Success.

1. Everything is Thought Of
2. Go Above & Beyond
3. Follow Up

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Thinking about going into private practice?
Thinking about advancing your practice in some way? Taking on the next step?

Got Fear?

Of course you do!

How could you make such an awesome and big leap without a little fear or a lot?

Many people think that successful people are that way because they DON'T have fear... well that for SURE is not the case.

Success people DO have fear that just BUST on through it.
We had the chance to talk with and interview powerpacked Alexia McLeod​ on "4 Ways to Bust Through Your Private Practice Fears".

Alexia McLeod​ is always full of fun and energy. Check out her 4 fear busting tips.
1. Telling the Truth
2. Letting Go of Excuses
3. Be Willing to Be Vulnerable
4. Be Forgiving

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Man oh man.... when I first started out YOU should have seen my website. It has taken on many facelifts in the past 6 years.

We always love and appreciate web designers like Daniel Fava owner of Create My Therapist Website. Why do we appreciate Daniel and others... because he ONLY works with therapists.

Cool story, his wife is a therapist and he designed her website. Very much like what happens when a girl gets some really cool new shoes her friends where like, "girl, where did you get that?" And... that #StartupNation is how Daniel got to building websites specifically designed for therapists.

If you want the full story you will have to listen to the podcast.

Daniel shared "5 Essentials for Your Private Practice Website".
1. Calls to Action
2. A Great ‘About’ Page Focused on your Ideal Client
3. Responsive Design
4. Easy to Find Contact Info
5. A Landing Page for Each Service or Issue You Provide
Check out the podcast for more info. Have an inspired day #StartupNation.

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It's #PodcastMonday again, yay!

Wow, Joseph R. Sanok of @PracticeOfThePractice is someone who both inspires us and we aspire to be like.

This #podcast was so juicy with information, nuggets and morsels on how to take your business to the next level. In fact Kate Mitchell Campbell and I preach that you should be thinking about this before you even think about creating your business name or seeing your first client, really!!!! Most of us don't think about our end game when we dive head first into private practice, but we need to. Just listen to Joe's story on why this is so important.

Joe talked about building and creating a Lifestyle Business. I mean why in the world did we decide to start our businesses anyway, not to become slave to it working tirelessly 7 days a week, right!

Well check this podcast out with Joe where he talks about 3 important factors in creating and building a lifestyle business.
1. Blocking Out Your Calendar
2. Leveling Up
3. Automation & Outsourcing

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One of our favorite podcasts yet. We love talking about Goals!!!! This podcast was created specifically for you from Kate and Katie. We even have a goal planning worksheet. You have to listen to the podcast on how to get it. Cheers to 2017 and your private practice goals! 
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