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Hey All,

I produce a bi-weekly podcast called This Nashville Life with country music artist Kelleigh Bannen. It features in-depth interviews with industry professionals covering songwriting, publishing, getting a record deal and many of the other ins and outs of the record business.

Please check it out, subscribe, and share if you like it. Thanks!

Hey guys! Glad I found y'all. I'm working on a blog for/about engineers and producers in Nashville. I will be interviewing industry professionals as well as talking about my own experiences/headaches/successes/failures in different programs/recording situations. Once I get it up and running I'll be looking forward to hearing feedback and improving it.

I would love ideas for questions to ask my subjects as well as suggestions for people you'd like to hear from. 

My strengths lie in programming, sampling and editing. I'm most comfortable in Ableton and ProTools and just added Maschine to the arsenal and I'm loving it. If anyone is curious about any of that stuff, please feel free to ask! I may not have the answer right away, but I love figuring stuff out and explaining my thought process. 

Big ups to Chris for getting this community rolling. Thanks!

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