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Rise and shine! NetTel getting started and ready to charge it through the day!! The team races are getting intense!! #realopportunities

Some new hires here today at NetTel: learn our biz, and the money will follow! #realopportunities

Things are lookin up for NetTel! Got the Gamification Prize Store set up, points system is created, new trials and employees starting within the next few weeks - chargin it!! #realopportunities  

Gotta love referrals!! #realopportunities

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Glad to see that some telecom companies are starting to embrace the idea of Bring your Own Device to work! 

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Got leads? NetTel does! #realopportunities

"Fast Lead Generation, Guaranteed Appointments, and Significant Results"
-this is the title of a case study highlighting NetTel Partners and our significant achievements for one of our largest clients.  The  rave reviews keep pouring in! #realopportunities

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Blue Jeans Network, the up-an-coming star in Videoconferencing solutions, announces a $25 million investment by New Enterprise Associates:

Just received word that NetTel has been included in a case study and cited as the main reason for creating new business and driving sales for one of our biggest clients and their partners!!

One senior executive said it best: "The word is spreading - NetTel ROCKS!"

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