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Dmitry Pavlov
Remote ASP.NET (MVC) / C# Developer (Contractor). Microsoft MVP (C#) 2008-2015
Remote ASP.NET (MVC) / C# Developer (Contractor). Microsoft MVP (C#) 2008-2015
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The Art of Stealing: How to Become a Master Designer

Many people believe that designers are unicorns, gifted or special in some way. They're not. Truth is, anyone can become a great designer if they're willing to put in years of hard work, experimentation, and failure. All it takes is a simple mindset shift. Instead of looking at other designers' work with envy, think of it as the key to your success.

In fact, interactive design has a lot in common with the open source software community: You can master it by stealing and copying from the best of the best. Start by getting to know Dribbble's rebound feature.

#Designers #Dribbble #Learning

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How I Used Apache Spark and Docker in a Hackathon to Build a Weather App

Hackathons often inspire engineers to create amazing software. By blending various technologies together, really useful and often fun projects can be realized in a short period of time.

In this article, Toptal engineer Radek Ostrowski shares his experience participating in the IBM Sparkathon, and walks us through how he elegantly combined the power of Apache Spark and Docker in IBM Bluemix to build a weather app.

#ApacheSpark #Docker #IBMBluemix

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Guide to Multi-processing Network Server Models

In this article, Toptal engineer Ivan Voras provides a useful overview and comparison of multi-processing network server models, with the goal being to take some of the mystery out of writing high performance networking code. The article is intended for "system programmers", i.e., back-end developers who will work with the low-level details of their applications, implementing network server code. 

#Multithreading #networking #NetworkServer #TCP

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Context Validation in Domain-Driven Design

Handling all validation in domain objects results in objects that are huge and complex to work with. In domain-driven design, using decoupled validator components allows your code to be much more reusable and enables validation rules to rapidly grow.

In this article, Toptal engineer Josip Medic shows us how validation can be decoupled from domain objects, made context-specific, and structured well to achieve more sustainable validation code. 

#ContextValidation #DDD #Scala

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Commoditized Smartphones: Bringing 4G To Developing Countries

We don’t need $500 phones to get people in developing countries on 4G broadband. Inexpensive Android smartphones are bringing 4G access within reach for millions of users worldwide. But is this good news for mobile developers? Will they need to worry about how their products will perform on low quality, cheap phones? Probably not.

Toptal Technical Editor Nermin Hajdarbegovic explains what’s going on, and why it’s important for the software and hardware industries to take note.

#4G #Android #iOS #LTE #Mobile

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New Year Updates to ASP.NET WebHooks Preview

We just released a new update of ASP.NET WebHooks with a couple of interesting new features on the WebHooks sender side – that is, when you want to send WebHooks to others when some event happens – including:

1. Sending events to all users registered for a particular event.
2. Scaling out and load balancing events using persistent queues.

#ASPNET  #WebHooks

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A geologist’s metamorphosis into a Toptal software developer 

“I am from a nonexistent city in a nonexistent country,” Toptal freelancer Dmitry Pavlov tells me during our Skype interview, and I’m unsure how to respond to this unusual answer to the simple introductory question, “where are you from?”

“It’s a local joke, you see. I am from St. Petersburg, but when I was born it was Leningrad, and Russia was the Soviet Union.”

As far as local jokes go, I think that one is more clever than most, though not many places have such a unique history to build on.

#successstory   #geology   #softwaredevelopment   #interview   #toptal 

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The Industry Could Do Without Pixel Density And PPI Marketing

A long, long time ago, I used to make a bit money on the side designing and printing business cards, along with ad materials and various documents. I was young and I needed the cash, and so did my buddy. Some of it went towards new hardware, while much of it was burned on 3-day barbecue binges, fuelled by cheap beer and brandy.

It didn’t take us long to realize the HP and Epson spec sheets, which proudly cited insanely high DPI for their printers and scanners, were as pointless as a Facebook share button on a kinky fetish site. So, we started using cheaper, older hardware other people didn’t want, and put the savings to good use: more meat and more booze. Fast forward twenty years, we still like to work hard and afford the finer things in life, and some of them were in part made possible by tech frugality. We didn’t buy into priter DPI poppycock back then, and we certainly couldn’t care less about display PPI today.

#PPI #PPD #Retina #PenTile 
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