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I met Rafe, thanks to Gino Yu. Rafe is always willing to support and be kind while he is contributing to the growth of hundred of start ups. Rafe shares with us his path and evolving consciousness which leads him to real success.

From unconsciousness to Consciousness

I was unconscious for most of my life. I had 2 successful exit with start ups that I founded, I achieved quite a bit without much struggles. After some law suits that took my health and finance away, I had a nervous breakdown.
There are things that only struggles can teach you. That was the beginning of my consciousness about consciousness
What I have learned, is the need not to avoid the very difficult aspects of business and relationships and also to evolve my own skills as a business person and as a person related to others people.
It also thought me to try better to access my own emotional and spiritual states. I’ve always been a very cognitive person and it has been at the expense of other dimensions of life
Learning to be aligned

When I’m aligned, everything seems more easy and relax, my energy shits immediately
You know it when you feel it. It’s being in the flow, in the zone. It comes from the heart, the tensions melt away you feel space
I had the help of spriritual coach, Skye Hirst and mentor such as Gino Yu, and online group mentors as well
As an investor you need both side when you invest, the head and the heart.
My parents teach me that my success and happiness is that fundamentally, I’m a good person, we all are. Through the course of time we forget that, and if you approach the universe as a benevolent place where people are good, then typically universe responses to that .

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Taryn is an amazing entrepreneur and a very special friend to me. She is strong and vulnerable. She shares with us with a deep honesty her path to Love and her new venture.

"From “not enough” to “a real sens of peace"

When I was successful I was completely without consciousness, when I had everything I realized, I had nothing. I needed to take a step back and push that rest bouton and go to a process of letting go things that meant nothing, and allowing things that where meaningful to come into my life.

At the pick of my company, at $40 millions, I never felt that it was enough. I was unappreciative. I couldn’t feel any of the accomplishment and because of that emptiness, I had to buy more things, and eat more things, and drink more champagne!

It was always more in attend to fill something empty. I was only as good as what I did the day before. There was not real Love for me or anyone.

I sold my company because it was too difficult to reset myself in the same environment. Then I had a near death experience. I really understood that I had to connect more, to really listen.

With that experience, I had a real sens of peace, I felt loved. I felt a sens of letting go like when you breath.

Vulnerability as a key of Love and be Loved

Once I accepted my vulnerability, and that so many things were out of my control, I was able to do things without trying to get attention.

Now I’m still working on empowering women, and the true purpose has changed, before my intentions was to gain my own recognition, I enjoyed being recognized. This time it is not about me, it is about building a platform where we can share our creativity and ideas and have a place where we encourage to express who we are, to bring out the best in everyone.

My partner Enrico showed me the way and gave me insights of “why I do what I do”, a sens of self awareness . I lived with a great sens of judgment of myself and others, mostly on myself, I had to be better more, I felt not enough. Now I hope I’m aware not to fall back into these reflexes.

When I feel I’m on the right path, there is a sens of Peace. In business you can never predict all the elements, then there a moment when you know you’re making the right decision."

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“ Law of attraction

The more you do good the more it comes back to you, you create a resonance field in the world. It is a simple manifestation rules.
It just feels better for people, most of the people want to giving back and do good for the world.

Trust yourself and listen to your body feelings
I trust my feelings and my intuition. I’m trained enough to check if events trigger a bouton of my wounds and keep the big picture in mind. I train people to learn that and not to be in reaction.
It is important not let the reactivity run you in order to access the heart of consciousness. From there, the knowingness shows its way. and the world will show the way

To access true intuition, I work with what my heart wants. I have a big picture of what I want.
Meditate is one of the ways.
The other way is feels in the body if it feels right.
Then I ask the universe to show me the way.
There is a social good in everybody’s heart.

When you want to wake up and find out what you divine self is really like, then you start. You got to choose at some point of your existence."

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A few years ago Christine started a 21 days challenge “I Quit Complaining”. Then a lot of thing happened, in terms of personal growth and success.

First start with a strong decision

Doing this 21 days challenge was more a decision to do the challenge for myself. At 1st I was struggling, at the beginning I had plenty of reason not to do the challenge, I was busy, I have my 3 kids etc. One day I was exhausted and I realize I was letting my life pass without truly experiencing and savoring it, while I had a husband, children, a job I loved etc. I find out I was complaining way too much ( to be honest I always considered myself to be postive and it took me a while to admit that I was a complainer). It hit me that one day I was going to die and realize that I spent my life resisting my life ! Something had to change... Now !

If you want to embark on this challenge, first you need to do this from a place of curiosity ( and not guilt). Wonder, how your life would looks like if you could quit complaining ? how much it is costing you to complain? Don’t give up, it takes an average of 8 to 9 months to achieve 21 consecutive days.

Stop resisting your life

I decided to stop resisting my life, which I call "not always very sexy life", and that’s when I started the challenge “I quit complaining”Before my challenge I had this habit of pointing fingers at all the “guilty people” in my life ( those you were not doing what I wanted them to !). The reason for my misery was them ! With this challenge I took a stand for my life and decided that not matter what was going to happen during my day I was not going to be a victim of anything or anyone. One if my biggest lessons on this journey is that what really was preventing me to live the life I want was me. I had to stop blaming " the others" and I had to look within myself. So I really had to work on myself and remove the limited beliefs and layers to really reach out my full potential.

From there everything is possible.

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