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Crazy Convex and Concave Mirrors
Concave or Convex?  How about one of each? I picked these funky mirros up at an awesome garage sale in Iowa last summer and here's what they looked like: Now seriously.  Could you pass that quirkiness up?  Not I! I painted them slate blue - the same slate b...

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Retro Nighstand
Happy Monday!!!  I don't know why most people hate Mondays.  I generally LOVE them! I'm sure it mostly has to do with the fact that I don't have a traditional nine to five job. :) It's a fresh start to a new week...  just like this little nightstand was a f...

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Sprucing Up Little Garage Sale Shelves
If I can drop coins for something, and it can be painted, then I'm dropping coins and painting!! We've all been to those garage sales where there's little out-of-date doo-dads, shelves, plaques, whatever,  for a quarter.  I pick up so much of that stuff, it...

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Little White Night Stand Beautified With Stenciled Sides
This cute little gal started out bright red and was not needed in the church nursery anymore.  Nobody wanted it except of course, yours truly! I forgot to get a before pic, but you can see the red as it's getting primed and it doesn't take too much brain po...

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Repurposed Vintage Lug Wrench
I was doing some thrift store surfing a few weeks ago and not having any luck when this rust old lug wrench caught my eye.  I couldn't leave the store without it.  I knew it would look good on some weathered barnwood doing something. :) My mom has been here...

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Delightful Details! French Provincial Nightstands With Stenciled Drawers
This french provincial set was every girl's dream back in 1962.  Now that girl is spending money on Arbonne wrinkle cream, not french provincial bedroom sets.  Unless of course, she spots it in a boutique with a gorgeous makeover like this one (and it's big...

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Parma Mill Grain Sack Love {Chair Redo}
Hi!!!!!  It's a dreary, cold day in March, and I got a kid home from school with a fever but life rolls on and I've got a big silly smile on my face because life is just okay!  We've had some close calls the last couple of weeks with a car accident while th...

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Hallway Storage When There's No Closet
Howdy folks!  I'm getting smarter with organizing in my old age.  At least I like to think so. All my sheets/curtains/extrastuffthatididntknowwheretoput got stuffed into the drawers of this big dresser in my hallway.  There is no hall closet and the dresser...

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Arrow Love On Vintage Doll Cradle
Got a cute little paint project to share today. This little cradle wasn't even on the agenda, but let me tell you why it made it's way onto the agenda! My littlest honey had the good ole' influenza and was feverish for days.   That girl is a demanding littl...

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The Coffee Nook {Beverage Station - Butler Pantry}
A few years ago, I never dreamt I would have a place just for coffee.   I didn't even like the SMELL.  But drastic things call for drastic measures. And to be blunt, coffee makes me poop. What's the use of beating around the bush?  Now I love coffee! (Or I ...
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