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Paciano - il fontanaro organic olive Slow Food Presidium - culinary classes and holiday villas
Paciano - il fontanaro organic olive Slow Food Presidium - culinary classes and holiday villas


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The Culinary and Olive Oil experience at il Fontanaro Organic farm house is the best experience you can do.

Are you dream of learning how to cook italian? Do you like to slow down for a week enjoyng delicious italian food and wines? And learning about the art of cooking and tasting wine and olives oils?

From the garden to the kitchen with the freshest ingredients.

We will illustrate the origins and history of what you are cooking.

Imagine learning to make chili and fig jam. Or a gluten-free pasta. Those are only some of what you can learn with us.

Of course “the grand finale” will be sipping wine as you savor your meal creation, all in the magical atmosphere of our organic farm “The Fontanaro”.

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Life in Tuscany and Umbria: October 2017
If you are here around il Fontanaro in October you will enjoy the real country slow living. From grape harvest events both in Tuscany and Umbria Festival to the Saffron Festival of Città della Pieve, Umbria.

Here are some of the main events:

AREZZO and the antique market

September 30 and October 1

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Marmore falls #umbria #discoverumbria #visitumbria #umbriatravel

he Marmore Falls are the highest man-made waterfalls in Europe (165m) and as such provide a spectacular alternative to castles and vineyards.

The Romans create the Falls in 290 BC when they dug a canal to drain the wetlands and diverted the water over a natural cliff.

The water flow is now controlled by a hydroelectric dam and the water is released between 11am and 1pm daily for the benefit of the tourists.

Watching the waterfall transition from a mere trickle to a raging torrent is the most amazing sight! To get the full experience wait at the bottom observation area until the flow starts then hike up the trail to get a closer look at each Fall.

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June in Tuscany and Umbria

Il Fontanaro's guide to events, activities, things to do, music, clubs, dance & nightlife, restaurants, bars, movies, shopping and more.

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we love to cook our wine lover pasta at our culinary experience at il Fontanaro…/21/wine-lover-pasta/

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CDP - Città della Pieve is one of our Mediaval villages recommended for visit for its proximity to il Fontanaro (only 13 km). From the city you can see both Lake Trasimeno and Lake of Chiusi.
It was the town of Pietro Vannucci, better known by the name of il Perugino.

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The summer months are the busiest times to travel to Italy, but for good reason. There are many activities happening all over the country from the country to city. One issue you may find is the unbearable heat and copious amounts of people in the city. So, the best way to combat those issues are taking your travels to the hillside towns and countryside. Stay with the locals during all the many music and food festivals occurring during the month of July!

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Ciao amici del mondo! What are some things you think every Fontanaro and Italy traveler should know? What’s your favorite tip or insider secret for il Fontanaro and Italy?
We are collecting some of the common questions and more....
Thank you Jack Porter for your support!
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