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Arboriculture Specialist and Local Tree Surgeon In Fife Jim Petrie
Arboriculture Specialist and Local Tree Surgeon In Fife Jim Petrie

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If you have trees in gardens how often do you turn your attention towards giving them some tree care?
Home Owners with reasonably sized Gardens tend to plan planting a few trees to enhance the landscape, but do you know they perform many vital functions that are important to the environment.
Jim Petrie is an Arborist Tree Surgeon based in St Andrews and with his company Ptree Surgery and Groundworks offers a full range of tree care services.

Many home owners with trees maybe unaware just how many tasks need to be done in order to keep trees in a healthy state.
Getting assistance from a tree surgeon can quickly help you identify if you have any diseased trees, or if you are in need of root pruning or removal. If you need stump grinding or removal you could struggle for hours trying to achieve this task yourself. But with a powerful stump grinding machine it can deal with the problem swiftly.

And it's not just about taking care of your trees. What about your hedges, especially high hedges. You might need legislation advice about the height of your hedge that may need you to have some hedge cutting done.

Consider getting some Arboricultural Consultancy from you local tree surgeon in Fife and keep your trees and hedges in top top condition

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How are your trees doing? When was the last time you tool a close look at the trees your have? Some people out there simply think there tree is dying of old age. The thing is, your tree won't die of old age. What is generally going to kill your tree off are insects, disease or in some cases by people. There are trees on hour plant that have been known to live 4,000 to 5,000 years.

I am Jim Petrie, a local arborist in FIfe and I hope to share with you here and over on the Ptree Surgery Website why it is so important that you look after the trees you might be responsible for in your garden.

Have checked by how much the tree in your garden is overhanging into your neighbours garden? As long as the trunk of the tree is in your property then it is your responsibility to maintain it and keep it safe. If the tree is straddling both properties known as a boundary tree then the responsibility is that it becomes shared. And so also it is worth noting that in this scenario tree removal has to get the consent of everyone if someone wants to remove it.

If you are unsure about your trees such as their age, or you are questioning whether the trees are under a preservation scheme you can get the help of n arborist to assist in any decision making you might need surrounding a tree that may have been in your garden for a while.
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Storm Battered UK - What Damage have You Sustained?

How are you baring up with these weathers storms battering our shores? The bbc news website has certainly showcased some incredible footage of just how forceful these storms can be. Our job as tree surgeons here in Fife is all about looking after our customers trees whether in their garden, or within theirĀ  private or corporate grounds. It is therefore amazing how a strong gust of wind can literally uproot some really big trees and them wreak havoc and simply upset your day.

Fences too have been at the mercy of recent storms all of which are getting names these days such as Frank, Henry, Gertrude, just who is going to come along next and blow your fence down.

Take a look on our website at some of the bbc footage we were pardon the pun 'blown away by' and then if you are in Fife and either struggling to find someone sort out your trees that have blown down or your looking at that fence laying on its back thinking how you need to put up a more robust fence, then you might find we can take away some of the burden you are facing.
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