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The ONLY thing Microsoft and Nokia had to do considering their reputation in recent years was to introduce rock solid HW and SW to prove they can deliver. What do they do? Introduce a buggy phone... M$ will survive it (Anyway buggy SW is kind of M$ trademark:-) But I am sad to say RIP Nokia....
Microsoft’s Windows Phone is in trouble. While HTC and Samsung have fallback plans, so does Nokia. Can Microsoft continue its lead as the third
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simple thing , we cant switch off display orientation in Windows Phone... and lots of features....

Why did Microsoft and Nokia miss so many basic features, even after Nokia learning from all those mistakes ?
Why did microsoft join a game thats already pretty full? Why did they F*** up a decent idea with windows 8? No one will kno
You guys are already celebrating MS and Nokia demise and yet Lumia phone is still the two most popular phones on Amazon for almost a week......something is wrong somewhere... either u guys are living in mars or the Amazon shoppers are.....
+Osaretin Idele even I felt the same before getting one, Lumia 710, but after looking at the missing basic features and bugs, I felt this is Insane. I mean after all that happened, what did they learned ?
I was google and android fan boy, but now I hate them. Will move to WP or iPhone.
This article is pretty dumb!! I stopped reading after the way they presented the fall in market share for windows phone. Gotta love statistics, you can always find a way to present a data set to backup whatever ridiculous point you want to make!

Btw, I have an iPhone and a Lumia 800. The only thing I prefer on iPhone is that it has A LOT more apps. WP7 is surprisingly nice. I can't wait till they have more "decent" apps!
Disagree! Quite a lazy post there without sufficient research. Infact all the sources seem to be ZDNet reporters themselves. The Lumia 900, sorry to disappoint you, is not the be-all and end-all for either company. It may look like that in the US but there is an entire world out there which has lapped up Mango phones which are non-Lumia 900. The Lumia 800 (which was not released in US) has done quite well in Europe and even non-Nokia devices such as the Samsung Omnia W has done very well in emerging markets (you can check the ratings and reviews for the phone on the Indian e-tailer There was life before the Lumia 900 and there will be after it too.

Infact, even before the release of Lumia 900 in the US, the WP phones (HTC, Samsungs etc) were the top rated phones on with 4 out of the 5 top rated phones (by customer satisfaction) being windows phones.

Hardly the response one would expect if it was a buggy OS as you claim.

2 days after the Lumia 900 release it holds the top 2 positions of best selling phones on

MSFT made close to $10 billion operating loss on their XBox consoles before it went on to become a market leader in the USA in consoles and beat the dominant Playstation systems. The learning here is that Microsoft plays a game long and hard and does not give up too easily despite the odds. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple,too acknowledged that much recently.

There is a whole world out there which is not using smartphones. Emerging countries' markets r wide open to the game. For eg. India added 227 million NEW mobile subscribers in the FY 2010-11. Thats almost the whole population of USA.Majority of these mobile users are on feature phones and Nokia has a much stronger brand recall in India than Apple. As these users move onto smartphones who is in a better position to capture the market? The US market may be saturated but there r many other markets to capture. Nokia was never very strong in the US but it was the leading mobile maker for years based on its strength in emerging markets.

Apps: Yes WP does not have the number of Google Play or the iOS Appstore. But we know that quality matters over quantity. If the top favourite apps come on WP store then numbers will count for nothing. The CEO of Path (one of the hottest apps on the iPhone) has announced that they have started development on a windows phone version mainly because "the product is so good." MSFT is already working on getting the other top apps to the platform.

Point is, the smartphone game is still wide open and being the highly disruptive industry that it is, its too early to write the obituary of any of the major players.
Ulaganath M, this is some great analysis, I quite agree with you. If we have learnt anything from the trajectory of smart phones over the years is that they are always a work in progress and the first version is rarely the last word on the matter.
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