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Redo of Pic for 2.5

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Sorry for delay in completing this
Activity 2.5
ARCS components
-Use of humour
-Perceived present worth ( personal safety)
-Perceived future usefulness
-Immedicate application
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Activity 2.4
Found this an interesting activity to think through and assess a picture in a way that have never thought through properly before. Good practice to be mindful of. 

Activity 2.2
Only scored 4, for my age should be around 7. Recency was what I ermemebred, the last 3 words and one other. No memory of the others. Tried some chunking in advmnce but that didn't work for me. 
This is why I like to write tings down, even if only 3 0r 4 things to get at supermarket, the act of writing it down moves along the memory pathway.

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Learnign activity 1.7 Rubric
this made me think more than I previously have in how I should go about selcting and using tools in the classroom

1. Having used about 30 items on the list I thought I had used more than I would find on a typical list, usually don’t find many I have personally used.
2. Last term I found YouTube, iTunes U, and Khan Academy were really usefull when teaching different math and science concepts. I also used Google sites for managing learning content that I shared with students. Started to get some students using interactive whiteboards to explain understanding in math.
3. Tools that let you or others explain things better, having video of experts talking and explaining in class was really helpful. Collaboration tools I believe would have further enhanced learning. Trello would have been handy for groups to plan and collaborate on a team project. 
4. I believe I will make a video to share through YouTube. I have wanted to do this for  while, yet failed to  implement. I have listened to podcasts and videos and bookmarked these for how to use YouTube creative suite. Doing relief teaching in multiple classes, I need something that is device agnostic and easily accessed.

Hi my name is SImon I am currently a relief teacher in Tasmania Australia. I have previously taught Maths, Science and Physical Education. I want to leanr more on how to create origianl material for what I teach.
My 3 aims for this course are :
Puroposeful planning for technology integration
Overcome fear of creating original content
Ideas to enhance teaching and learning 

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Educational Postcard:  A discussion on inquiry based learning
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