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Jonathan Overholt
Tedium is where I excel.
Tedium is where I excel.

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I love this!

Apres la pluie, le beau temps.

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What a surprisingly useful, comprehensive, and well-put-together list straight from Microsoft! I learned a few new ones today.

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The Engines of Our Ingenuity is a segment that appears on NPR sometimes. They're roughly 3 minute summaries of people, devices, or books of note. There's an extensive archive on the site and the episodes are almost always really interesting. They also have a podcast feed that'll give you a new one every day or two. Quite good. Yes; quite.

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Digging a trench in Oklahoma is probably the most Sisyphean endeavor one can undertake in this state. I'm from Florida, where the ground is made of sandy soil, where things can grow. You find a lot of roots there, here it was just layers of sharp rocks, building debris, and pure red clay. It's like digging into the surface of a gigantic Chia pet. Deceptive layer of green growth on top of a thick piece of pottery.

Oh, and some mysterious iron pipes. We just had to dig under the one and the other was very clearly not connected to anything. They run diagonally through the back yard, so I have no idea what they were meant to be.

Eighteen inches deep -- that's what the NEC prescribes for unprotected non-metallic conduit. I don't know that I would've stayed honest and put it sufficiently deep without my friends helping me. Thanks +Ashley Burchett and +Christopher Gray for helping me get this done right.
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Is this how other people feel about football season or whatnot? I want to throw all of the money at this! ‪#‎PleaseMakeThisARealSport

My heart goes out to residents of Tianjin today. I have nothing poetic to offer, just wishes-well to my brothers and sisters across the sea.

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