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Ayu Lestari
Be Happy, Always :)
Be Happy, Always :)

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I won new Stars racing in TOKYO! Now I have 5 total Star(s)!

Hello world !!!

I just fell happy
I hope you are happy too
When we do this bad things, we feel bad, mad, sad
But there's one thing we have to do is.. Love
Loving always and life will becoming a paradise :)

It's almost 02.00 AM and am still in front of this computer..

If my life ends tomorrow,
let me know that you are happy.

I know nothing about you
I'm so sorry about him
Thank you for being the best for us
hearing your voice
you touchdown my heart and like telling me
that your love so much
Thank You :)

Ayo aja dah..
nunggu di bantu, kpn tau, gtw.

need to be help more than you are..
but how.. how can be..
someone said it's just a fake problem..

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stop being mad, sad, hate
and start to talking.. told them is better
even they listen to you or not.
that's the only way !! and yeah ! I'm Back ! :D
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