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The Most Interesting Day
I had a very interesting day. Today, I tried to quit my job. Somehow, I kind of failed at it.I know exactly why I need to quit - and I know that it is what I must do. I am also aware of a few things that are happening around me and how these things affect w...

The more I do this, the more I realize - a large part of Agile is TRUST

Organizations that have a low trust threshold always have problems with Agile implementations

Organizations that want to improve their trust thresholds tend to have a chance at success

Interestingly, low trust organizations will try multiple times to "silver bullet" their way out - when it would be simpler, less painful and MUCH less expensive to just address the core issue...

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Sweet Dreams!!

While this insect looks like the result of some bizarre genetic experiment that spliced a scorprion stinger onto a wasp, that “stinger” is actually something much more innocuous: the fly’s genitals.

Nevertheless, it makes for a bizarre looking creature. Scorpionflies, or mecoptera, can be found all over the world, and have been around since the Mesozoic age. In fact, they’re believed to have been the forerunners of most of our modern moths and butterflies, collectively grouped in the Lepidoptera order.


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LOLZ!! But probably accurate...

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The Hydra and the Abyss
I recently had occasion to speak to a good friend about the
state of agility in general and the needs he was looking at in his
organization. This brought me to the question – what is your biggest
problem and how are you trying to address it? The answer surp...

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Good food for though

So - lots has been made of the "Giant Hornet Attacks" in China. I have been trying to figure out what the largest species of Wasp is - given that both Tarantula Hawk Wasps and Cicada Wasps seem to be larger than even the Japanese Giant Hornet. I know that a Caribbean Cicada Wasp is huge - and one wasp in Indonesia is relatively large (and only recently discovered)

So for the Entomology community - what are the top 10 largest wasps (weight and length) out there?

#entomology   #wasps   #gianthornets   #apiology   #vespology  

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When I grow up...
Lately, I have been thinking about what kinds of things I LIKE to do. I have been thinking about my personal environment and my personal ...

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In my mind, this is at the heart of an Agile transition. But many people do not fully understand, or fail to maintain, the thought behind this great article

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Row, row, row your boat?
Sometimes, we try to change something about ourselves that we believe will be simple and straightforward. A great example of this is the we...
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