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Franciene Sabens
School Counselor on a mission to erase the Guidance Counselor title & stigma & further the missions of ASCA & NOSCA.
School Counselor on a mission to erase the Guidance Counselor title & stigma & further the missions of ASCA & NOSCA.

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Data-Driven Methods to Foster a College Going Identity for your Students
I've been ( slowly ) reading Ready, Willing, and Able: A Developmental Approach to College Access and Success by Mandy Savitz-Romer and Suzanne M. Bouffard and when I came across "college-going identity statuses" I knew I had an incredible, new way to categ...

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Springfield, IL is Getting Ready to Promote School Counseling Programs
Tomorrow I will be headed to Springfield to share my presentation on promoting school counseling programs. This is an especially pivotal topic for the area school counselors as more and more school counselors are being replaced by Deans of Students. I am lo...

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Flip your Lessons at ISCA
Check out my presentation here . Have questions? Please leave them in the comments below.

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Reach Higher for the Profession & for Students goes to Springfield
I am so excited to be heading to Springfield tomorrow morning to share my passion for the Reach Higher Initiative. I will teaming up with a panel of wonderful ladies to put on an informative  Counselor Academy  courtesy of Illinois Curriculum Revitalization...

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Spice up your School Counseling Program with my Notes from #ASCA15
I am pumped for my second ASCA Conference! Phoenix is hot and beautiful! Everytime I step outside I feel like I am hugging the sun, it is just radiating heat & good energy. Monday the breakout sessions begin. Follow along as I attend sessions throughout the...

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Great post! Here's my newest post on Preparing & Paying for #ASCA15

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A Freebie from the College Board that you can't pass up!
In the fall I posted on my Twitter account about the new College Board College Counseling Sourcebook (7th edition) I had just gotten it in the mail because I was super excited about all of the resources inside. Well, great news! Now you can get it for FREE,...

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An ISCA Presentation: Reach Higher for the Profession & Students
This year I am presenting at the Illinois School Counselor Association Conference in Springfield again. I am sharing what I learned at the San Diego White House Convening and how school counselors can support the Reach Higher initiative . Session details: E...

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National School Counseling Week 2015
This year I took a step back and let my intern organize all of the festivities for the week. Check out the online flyer she made for the faculty and the one she created for the students . We have an exciting week planned! She bravely spoke at the teacher's ...
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