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I see a number of new people adding me again; so I hope you all notice this:

Sorry, but I don't always know who you are. (Especially due to the stupid Google no-nyms policy, without which you might be appearing under a 'nym I know better than your actual name.) Even without that, though, I'm terrible with names and worse with faces.

If I'm following you, I've got some idea who you are. If I've been at a T.BOB with you, no need. If you're an SF&F author or editor, I probably know where you've seen me (and I'm flattered.) If you regularly post to the "Z" or "offtopic" lists, I'm sure I'll remember you. If you're one of +Douglas Muth's fur-fan friends or FOAFs, I can probably figure it out. Otherwise, you're not obligated, but I'd love a private post to let me know if I should know you from somewhere. Thanks!

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And now for something completely different - a company proposing a fusion reactor design for a full-scale prototype with net energy gain within 4 years. Apparently the US Naval Weapons Research Labs had worked out this design 30+ years ago but couldn't get it to work with the control technology of the time. Bonus points: it's steam-punk! Sounds... moderately plausible actually. (Link from Karl Schroeder on Charlie Stross's blog.)

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Tim Pierce just nailed it.

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Was anybody else using the iPhone app having trouble finding a way that really worked to turn off notification popups on the iPhone Google+ app, as I was?

If you were, they've added a new option to
It now has a radio button for "Push notifications" or "Don't notify me".

(On the downside, when they added that, they apparently turned back on a number of the SMS notifications I had specifically disabled before. Lame.)

I do hope Google will fully live up to enforcing its policy on pseudonymity and anonymity by disclosing that they've outed and cancelled +Larry Page's and +Sergey Brin's alleged private accounts. A policy is a policy, and right is right, isn't it?

Or maybe the Google staff might notice that - what do you know? - there are legitimate reasons for wanting privacy in ones personal life. They might even notice that those reasons don't apply only to billionaires.

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A really nifty, thoughtful, reality-based and numbers-based series of articles on just where the United States' excessive per-capita health care goes - not just the parts that are more than other countries, but the parts that are even more than one would expect based on our higher per-capita GDP.

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"Winter is coming" - Stark motto
Take one step forward.

(URL h/t Reddit)

Groggy as hell today, because I stayed up well past 1:00 am for the second night in a row, finishing A Dance With Dragons. I think that was worth it.

Damn it, I thought there was a way to report spam profiles or comments. When you see someone making random unrelated comments tacking highly suspicious URLs onto posts, there damn well should be a way to report it or flag it.

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There is a Google Moderator vote (Google+ feature priorities) to support use of pseudonyms for Google+. I know that's of interest to a number of people in my circles or following me....
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