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Fideris provides equipment for all aspects of physical process control and measurement
Fideris provides equipment for all aspects of physical process control and measurement
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Some of our best customers were originally references from other customers. Do you know someone that should be our next customer? $20 egift card to you if they contact us in 1Q 2012, $100 if they purchase in 1Q! just do the following:
1) like us on or +1 on google+
2) email them using their corporate email account and cc us at with the suggestion that they may want to check out our equipment
3) we will send you a $20 egift card if they contact us with a request for quote prior to April 1, 2012.
4) we will send you a $100 egift card if they purchase equipment prior to April 1, 2012

Tell us where you want the egift card from---
Contact us if you have any questions

Boy, are we ever in the holiday spirit !! Follow us on twitter since we will be giving away gift certificates now and again during the holiday season. Before you can win, you must +1 us or like us on

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As some may recall, starting in the early to mid 1990's in addition to fuel cell testing equipment we offered single cell test fixtures to our customers. However, due to rising machining costs the price of the fixtures went above what we considered a reasonable cost so we stopped offering them for sale about 5 years ago. Well, we are pleased to announce that we once again offer single cell PEM test fixtures. Just as before, the fixtures are based on a water jacket and connect to a water re-circulator to provide the ultimate in temperature control. Contact us at for more information

In the category of "does anyone actually read twitter or is everyone just tweeting into the bit bucket" we too have joined twitter. We will tweet about new products but even with our new product pace (for the last 5 years or so) of one or two new products every month, that alone isn't going to scroll your twitter screen very far. So we will also add technical notes, tips, and so forth. At any rate, if you think there is a chance that we have something worthwhile to say, follow us @fideris

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This is from last year, but still a nice article from the 2010 NASA Spinoff magazine. Since our original technology and hardware platforms were from a NASA SBIR in 1991, they came back to see where we were two decades later. So, while we have NASA to thank for our original 1996 patent that first described the automated fuel cell test station, we have all of our customers in the fuel cell community and many more customers from other industries to thank for our success over the last twenty years !!
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