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Business Support for women, business incubator, training, mentoring
Business Support for women, business incubator, training, mentoring


Is your business based in Croydon? Do you need a business advice? Get in touch, you may be able to qualify for 10 hours of free one to one support. 
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Starting your own business? Here's a great idea on how to write your business plan from +SmartCompany 

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‘People do not follow programs, but leaders who inspire them.’ - John White

Leadership skills and qualities always interested me as a topic. Being grown up in a family of business people, I always tried to learn from my father how I could become a successful leader one day like he is. He always inspired me by never being stopped by a problem but rather always seeking out solutions.

Listening to Houston Spencer’s lecture couple weeks ago made me also realise that leadership skills and qualities are even more important to entrepreneurs.

Becoming an entrepreneur who is trying to grow a recently set up company you may very often find yourself short of key resources: time and finance, which may in some ways stop from recruiting right people or persuading real champions in your field to join my team.

Unless you have a team of people around you who follow you, believe in what you do and fully support you despite challenges you face every single day – you would struggle to succeed or progress quicker.

Through my relatively short journey with the OutSpace Business Centre project, I have been lucky to generate very valuable local networks, which allowed me to barter some of the services I needed to get everything set up and move forward with my project with very limited financial resources.  I am very thankful to everyone who believes in my idea and it also helped to build my confidence in what I do.
My OutSpace
My OutSpace
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