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One of the most destructive lawn pests in the Kansas City Metro area is the mole.   Moles destroy lawns with their burrowing as they make conical earth mounds and networks of tunnels in the ground.   The mounds are unsightly heaps of earth pushed up from several feet below the surface as the moles excavate rooms and living areas. Feeding tunnels result in raised ridges of soil that cut off grass roots from moisture sources. This results in a network of brown lines in the grass, especially in summer’s heat. Digging may damage other plant roots directly and through exposure to air.
There is only one species of mole present in Kansas and Missouri. This is the Eastern Mole, (Scalopus aquaticus), named after its digging feet (Scolopus) and because the type specimen was found dead in the water (aquaticus means living near the water). While the Eastern Mole is able to swim it is the least aquatic of North American moles. Eastern Moles are mammals between 5 and a half and 8 inches in adult length with soft grey or brownish fur. Like other moles, Eastern moles possess many remarkable adaptations for an underground lifestyle.  They have no visible eyes, no external ears, and a pig like nose at the end of a pointed head they use to find prey.   Their most distinguishing feature is their front limbs which are highly adapted for digging. Short, muscular arms end in greatly enlarged paddle like feet with long claws. These feet enable a mole placed on the ground to disappear within seconds. Even the fur has a unique adaptation, as unlike most animals it does not have a direction that it lays. Imagine a cat with fur that doesn’t matter which direction you pet it. This allows the mole to move forward and backwards in its tunnels without turning around.
Moles are entirely carnivorous, with worms and insect larvae making up most of their diet. Beetles, spiders, centipedes, and almost any other invertebrate encountered may be consumed. Moles have a high metabolism and are capable of eating half their own body weight in insects each day. This is one reason they are such active burrowers. They may be active any time of day or night, but are more likely to be active near dawn and dusk.
Early spring is a great time to have moles removed from your yard. The ground is thawed but not hard and dried out like it gets in summer.   The moles are also very active in the spring, making them easier to catch. Most importantly, the moles have litters of 2-5 babies in April and May that become independent in about 4 weeks, which means that catching them in March and April can prevent a doubling or even tripling of the population in June and July.
There are several mole-like creatures that are often confused for moles. Shrews are small insectivores that are sometimes mistaken for baby moles. They are similar in fur coloration and texture but they have eyes and do not make burrows or have front limbs specialized for digging. Vole tunnels are sometimes mistaken for moles – it doesn’t help the confusion that the names moles and voles sound so similar. Voles are small rodents that make burrows to live in and make small runs through the grass rather than under the ground. Their tunnel openings are about the diameter of a broom handle and are usually located next to a large rock or concrete sidewalk or porch. Voles do not make mounds or ridges. Control of voles and shrews is very different than for moles so proper identification is essential for control.   Give Advantage Termite and Pest Control a call and we will send a trained technician out to identify the pest and provide a treatment plan.
Contact us at Critter Control Kansas City
By: Ben Simmons
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Katie Modereger's profile photo
Katie Modereger
a month ago
Their 90 day warranty is crap. I had my house sprayed and two months later I had a spider bite, called for a respray because that's what their warranty offers, a month later my son had a spider bite that not only cost me a copay at the doctors office but the cost of a prescription as well. I called to explain how upset and frustrated I was and the woman on the phone was not only unprofessional but just plain rude and heartless. Their products clearly are deluded and don't work. Please don't waste your money.
• • •
Trent West's profile photo
Trent West
6 months ago
Brandon at Advantage is a very knowledgable technician and also a very personable professional. I really appreciate how courteous he was and the time he spent explaining the issues at hand. Will definitely call back!!
Chris Paulsen's profile photo
Chris Paulsen
6 months ago
I had some worries that my house might have an infestation. I called and spoke with Jon, he had a few suggestions to confirm how severe it was, sadly all the questions he asked were true. He said he would come take a look, and was at my house in almost no time. He looked around and gave me a quote that was very reasonable, they did what they needed and were gone without damaging anything. I would recommend them to anyone, especially Jon, thank you for all your help and keep up the great work!
• • •
DeAnn Berndsen's profile photo
DeAnn Berndsen
7 months ago
When we purchased our home 6 years ago, we were overrun with spiders and silverfish. A co-worker recommended Advantage to me, and I'm thankful they did! For the first few years, one of the owners was our tech; and for the last year, Taylor has been our tech. Both are great guys - very thorough, professional, and great at listening to my concerns and addressing them. You cannot go wrong with Advantage!
Jan Hain's profile photo
Jan Hain
6 months ago
We recently had Ben out to take care of a small rodent problem. He was very thorough and courteous. He came back several times to clean out traps and seal the house to keep out any future sneaky mice. His explanations were very thorough and informative. He obviously enjoys his job. He was fascinated by what was living in our front bushes, researched and caught those creatures as well. We have had no problems since.
Elizabeth Tschetter's profile photo
Elizabeth Tschetter
6 months ago
I was REALLY impressed with Ben Simmons. We constantly seem to have animals burrowing under our front steps. I couldn't stand it any longer at the point something chewed through the insulation into our basement from under the stairs. Ben came out to our home in Topeka, assessed the situation, and immediately got to work. He obviously knew exactly how to fix our animal issue. I was able to ask him what and why he was taking specific actions, and I can't get over how polite and friendly he was. Not only that, but he gave me some tips to avoid this issue in the future, which made me think he really does care about the quality of his work, and Advantage isn't just trying to make money. Hopefully I can avoid needing this service again in the future, but if I need assistance again, I'm going to specifically request Ben Simmons.
• • •
Justin Wallace's profile photo
Justin Wallace
6 months ago
Ben came out to deal with a squirrel issue. He was exceptionally efficient, professional, and did a fantastic job. I haven't seen any signs of disturbance since he did his work. Would definitely use him again!
Michelle L Jones's profile photo
Michelle L Jones
6 months ago
I've had Advantage for six years. All of this time I've had Jon Hamilton as my EXPERT PEST CONTROL Technician. Within the last year or so Jon got a WELL DESERVED PROMOTION! That meant he would be training other technicians to be as great as he is (to my understanding); but it also meant he wouldn't be my technician any longer!! I'm a single mom, becoming an empty nester. I'm not comfortable with someone I don't know coming through my door. Jon came out, sprayed my home, talked to me, and calmed my anxiety. 😀 This is what makes Jon EXCEPTIONAL! Jon is not only an expert at his job, but he has great people skills as well. He assured me going forward things were going to be okay. The BEST part is that there were two other technicians at my home within the two weeks before Jon. My elderly neighbor, Betty, recognized Jon, and came to catch him before he left my home. She wanted service at her home!! She wanted Advantage because of Jon!! She later disclosed to me that his disposition not only made me feel comfortable, but it made her feel that way too. She appreciated Advantage always sending the same tech to my home. Thanks Jon for never letting me/us down! Wether it's coming out between services because I think I see a bug, or calming my nerves, because I have a hard time with my anxiety, and people I don't know in my home...
• • •