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Cast sream down I can't view any games????
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What error are you getting.

If you can play BUFF/DET its probably changes we made.
The streams were getting shared on social networks, and we were getting lot of traffic
crashing our servers. So we added some security. Thats probably causing this issue.

The changes need you to have an ipV4 address.
You can test it on https://whatismyipaddress.com/

We will try to find a works around.
Let us know what happens with the web app.
the link should end with something like 'stream.m3u8?m=eH8j7PMtcqBq_hZ8yTXzFa&'

how did you get the link & use the same network to get the link and play the game
How do u get a iP v4 address?
I have no idea what to do ... but i will try . Not very computer savy
I'm doing this from my phone fyi
Thats the cause of the issue.
The security we added works for ipv4 but kicks ipv6 out.

We will try to fix it. In the mean time if your on ipv4 it should be fine.
mine says IPV6 also... :(
We are working for a IPV6 solution should be fixed in a day or 2.
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