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Qalidar: Resistance and Peryton Fantasy RPG
Qalidar: Resistance and Peryton Fantasy RPG

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The book you didn't even know you were waiting for is finally here! Qalidar Qritter Qatalog has monsters! Lots of monsters! That's all it is! Monsters! Be excited!

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Qalidar events for Gen Con 2015:

Shadow of the Peryton
Thursday 20:00 - 4hrs - RPG1569009
The quiet college town of Blackridge is being haunted by a soaring shadow, a dark, winged shape with antlers. On the ground, weird agents are looking for something, terrorizing people in their homes and then disappearing. Is it just a coincidence that there's a nuclear power plant nearby? (Robin Lea)

Dust to Dust
Friday 10:00 - 4 hrs - RPG1569600
Saturday 10:00 - 4 hrs - RPG1569600
Explore the puzzles & perils of a shared near-death experience. Is the mysterious Ringmaster a friend or a foe? (W. Scott Grant)

Got Milk?
Saturday 19:00 - 4hrs - RPG1569505
While traveling to a vacation spot on the Rings of Paradise, The Butter Churn is caught and deposited on a Prison Moon during a power outage. Volcanic eruptions have caused havoc with the gravity, A super natural presence thwarts all attempts at escape, and to cap it all off, the Butter Churn is out of milk! (Randy Market)

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We're working on getting out Stardust, a sequel to the Basic book which will feature character progression all the way to level 20, with new abilities and equipment to use at any level. It will also feature a full profile of the stardust aliens, including a variety of stats, details on their technology, and some organizations that they founded or are involved with.

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Aaand here we go. Run the quick start adventure with pregens or kick off your own campaign with your own characters. It's all in there.

Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.

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Two Qalidar events submitted for Cleveland Concoction at the end of May:

The New Voice - Robin Lea - Saturday, 1 PM - 5 PM 
A charismatic new minister, Neal Toth, has been winning followers with a message suspiciously favorable to the Synarchy. Discover any ties Toth has to this conspiracy and, if there is a connection, discredit him before he can do any more damage. 

Storms Over the Isle of Dread - Robin Lea - Saturday, 7 PM - 11 PM 
In a lost corner of a backwater world called Mystara, something has gone terribly wrong. Multiverse-traveling agents of the Typhon Corporation, hoping to exploit the psionic talents of a population of aquatic creatures living in the heart of the Isle of Dread, have instead become pawns themselves. The horizons of the long-isolated kopru have thus been expanded beyond their darkest ambitions. These sadistic monsters must not be given time to explore their options further.

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Several Peryton Gamers GMs are running Qalidar events at Gen Con this year.

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