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From a book on CSS:
"and claim greater-than-insignificant support from browser and other user agent vendors."
Wow! What a positive view of CSS support by browsers and vendors.

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Digital Teleportation Meet Up @ SXSW
How disappointing!  When I read the title I was sure it was going to be a meetup with a lot of people getting "Beamed up". #sxsw #DigTelPort

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When I read the following ALA article it made me think of my Aunt's view of computers when she first started using them at her job, "It's like pushing a car uphill so we can coast down the other side."  I sure hope she wouldn't still feel this way, and that we've gotten better at remembering who we're creating for.
"we must advocate at least as much for the people who use our software as we do for computer systems. Whatever the problem a web application is solving, ultimately it was created to benefit a human being."  

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Fun knitting video!

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Found the article, "Redefining Hick's Law" really interesting. While reading it my mind kept jumping to ways that the ideas could be implemented on work's website--then I smack up against the conflicting goals of those who have final say over the website. Sigh...

The Relational Algebra exercises for the DB course kept me up late last night--I just had to figure out how to do the last few! They were difficult enough that once getting them done correctly I did a happy dance. I now have a better understanding of how Relational Algebra fits into the course.
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