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Web Strategy, SEO, Opinionated Serial Entrepreneur.


Google Immaterial Design
So Google are the only people on the planet who look at Microsoft forcing a mobile phone OS onto the desktop and think "what a great idea".  That was all about consistency across views.
No one in the world still uses a desktop or laptop differently to a mobile or tablet apart from me, or wishes to carry on doing so?

Wow, I think I just became a Luddite :)
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Fracking's Perfectly Safe...

...or perhaps not

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Unbelievably tacky...

Make mental health abuse into a tourist attraction:
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No alcohol at all involved in this photo
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A Statement to Prove We Need Different Politicians...

Reacting to the discussion of the illegal mass surveillance by both the NSA and GCHQ, David Cameron shows just how much he cares about the views of the proles.  (ie not in the least)
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Paypal's Denial of the $50k Twitter Handle Theft...
I know which version I believe, and it's not Paypal's  Their "security" is utterly dysfunctional, and systematised.  To say "Paypal Takes Your Security Seriously" is a blatant PR driven LIE

How do I know?
I had to pay a significant sum via Paypal about 6 months ago which revealed just how broken their systems are.
To action the transaction it wanted to call me (for security), except the mobile on file was obsolete and the landline I was nowhere near.  No alternatives were available - so we log into Paypal...

※  No alternative ways of authorising the transaction available
※  I can add and remove phone numbers, so I remove the obsolete mobile number and add the current one.
※  Go back to the transaction and I can now use the newly added number to authorise it.
※  Next morning I get a call from Paypal on the newly added number to helpfully tell me that as part of the mission to prevent fraud could I confirm I'd like for the two transactions of yesterday to be authorised.  Sure.
※  No attempt to validate ME took place beyond the awareness of what the two outstanding transactions of the previous day were, and even then only in broad brush terms.

Now at this point I decided that pointing out to chap on phone just how broken this procedure was probably wasn't going to help me get my stuff in a timely manner, so I bit tongue and kept quiet (with difficulty).

There's no internal flag in the system to say a number is too recent to serve as automatic validation.  ie using a number added after a transaction to validate said transaction is suspect to say the least.

Even the common sense point of view was absent  that their fraud-prevention team should have seen the number was added to their systems less than eight hours previously - perhaps this is not the best route to confirm a transaction 8.5 hours previously.  *That's fundamentally broken*

Shouldn't these two paths differ?  There needs to be another factor - using a number (even if not newly added) for both automatic verification and human verification later is at severe risk of breaking if a phone is stolen.

So to defraud Paypal execute a transaction, add a new number and Paypal will then use that number for all verification of that transaction.  Twice.  Useless unless you happen to be a thief.
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The DEG Think They Should be a Special Case...

Their position seem to not even be slightly credible.
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Results of the +World Text Charity Campaign...
+Great North Air Ambulance Service and +Epilepsy Action will receive 2014 monthly messages and a keyword on our shortcode throughout 2014.
We Have a Winner...
Well two actually!
We've selected two charities to receive our Christmas offer of 2014 monthly messages throughout 2014.  They are:
+Epilepsy Action and
+Great North Air Ambulance Service 

More details at the page along with an outline of both charities.  We'll be keeping the page updated throughout the year.

Many thanks to all who applied - please try again next year!
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Wow.  It's hilarious and a Car Crash at the Same Time...
Charlie Brooker to Jon Snow:  "You're like a dog at the controls of a helicopter"
I imagine this is a good analogy for most politician's understanding of tech and the internet.
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Well That Lasted a Long Time!...

Some of the major ISPs haven't even set it up yet!

Hacker news discussion here:
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